Concox GPS tracker company review

Concox is an industry leader in the global telematics market and provides innovative solutions for the tracking of vehicles, assets and persons. Concox has been in business for over 15 years and now has a customer base in over 120 different countries. On a global scale, Concox is one of the top 3 GPS tracking manufacturers in China.

With an extensive catalogue of GPS tracking hardware units and their own software platform called TrackSolid, Concox is a full service company that can provide it’s users with a complete solution from start to finish. Because Concox offers it’s own software to go with it’s hardware solutions, this makes unit setup even easier!

Concox GPS tracker adavantages

When looking to track a number of assets in a mixed fleet, it is important to make sure that you are collecting the most relevant and actionable data from your assets. Having the right hardware and peripherals can certainly play it’s part in how much of this you can collect in the field. Concox has asset tracking devices which attach to shipping containers and heavy machinery, personal GPS trackers which are worn or carried in the users pocket and also fleet trackers for use in vehicles that are moving most of the time. Concox truly has the entire spectrum of tracking needs covered with it’s offerings.