TK-Star GPS tracker company review

TK-Star is a brand name of XETrace Technology Co. The company designs, develops, and manufactures a great range of GPS tracking hardware for tracking vehicles, people, and even pets. Fully compliant with multiple international quality standards, TK-Star provides hi-tech solutions at very competitive prices.

TK-Star offers many different pieces and styles of hardware which enable users to track almost anything. For a comprehensive tracking solution, whatever your needs are, the selection of tracking devices provided by TK-Star should enable you to follow your personal items or manage a fleet with ease.

The hardware is compatible with multiple pieces of tracking software giving you a further range of options to choose from to gain a fully customized experience.

TK-Star GPS trackers

TK-Star has an active and very able design and development process, and by matching up with their established supply chain and excellent logistics, they are able to offer OEM/ODM solutions of any size. Large or small runs of individualized products are a possibility, as are multiple price levels and one-stop sourcing.

The device life cycle is intended to be long, and as such extended warranties are included as standard. This indicates the quality of the finished product, and the belief that the company have in their own products. Long life cycles mean that your investment is protected, and customer satisfaction is often extremely high.