Top 7 White Label GPS Tracking Softwares (updated 2020)

Top 7 White Label GPS Tracking Softwares (updated 2020)

Top White Label GPS Tracking Softwares

With the increasing desire and interest in white label GPS tracking software’s, we thought we’d present a list of the Top Seven White Label GPS Tracking Software’s available.  Each of these companies claims to offer the best telematics solutions, but it will depend on your unique asset management needs.  If you’re looking to start a telematics company or if you have a gigantic fleet and want to procure an asset management system on your own, then here are a few companies who provide white label GPS tracking softwares that may do and offer exactly what you’re looking for.


Mapon tracking software review

Today I’ll be reviewing a GPS fleet tracking company called Mapon. When considering a GPS fleet tracking system, it’s a good idea to be knowledgeable on the features and capabilities which a provider has when looking for a system to purchase. It’s also good to know how the software works and how easy it is to use. In this review I’ll be going over some key features to help you decide if Mapon is right for you.

Mapon is a professional GPS tracking and fleet management company serving thousands of customers worldwide. They also provide hosted, white-label solutions for those looking to start a GPS tracking business. One of the other features Mapon offers is tracking of temperatures in refrigerated trailers which offers a huge benefit to the companies using it to control spoilage and reduce downtime.

Mapon GPS software usability

Mapon’s software is generally easy to navigate and see where vehicles are at any given time, but viewing historical data can be difficult, especially of other vehicle routes overall the ones you wish to view. And also, there does not seem to be an option to click on the pushpins on the map to view event details from that point in time. However, the Mapon software does excel in providing detailed information on fuel consumption and driver behavior which can be extremely useful, especially when managing a large fleet of vehicles. (more…)