GPS Tracking For Car Rental Business

GPS Tracking For Car Rental Business

Car rental is quite a progressive and profitable industry, but the main issue that nags the car rental companies is the security of the car they rent out to their consumers. Some of the basic and frequently popping questions in the minds of the car rental owners are:

  • Are they equipped to meet the requirements of their consumers?
  • What measure can be taken to ensure that every document of the car that the company owns is in order?
  • When you are handing over the car to your customer along with the documents (As it is a necessity) how do you ensure that your customer would not steal it?


Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman tracking software review

Today I’ll be doing a review on a GPS fleet tracking company called Teletrac/Navman. The purpose of this review is to give fleet owners/managers some insight as to how the Teletrac/Navman platform works, how they can apply it to their business and see if it makes sense for their tracking needs.

Teletrac/Navman is a GPS tracking company which has been in business over 30 years and provides solutions for fleet tracking as well as for safety and compliance in commercial fleet environments. Their core focus is on helping fleets remain efficient, and providing actionable data to fleet managers which allows for tremendous savings by decreasing waste and increasing operational efficiency.

GPS Tracking software advantages

The online software contains a wealth of information in the form of graphs and charts, which make it easy for end users to decipher information pertaining to overall fleet use. Sometimes the interface can feel a bit slow, especially when compared to GPSWOX which presents all relevant vehicle information on the screen without navigation through additional menus. But aside from that, viewing a vehicles current and historical location information isn’t that much of a chore. It’s also easy to set up alerts, much more so than in the Fleetmatics platform. This can be a huge plus when managing a large fleet and having the need to automate certain reports.




Concox GPS tracker company review

Concox is an industry leader in the global telematics market and provides innovative solutions for the tracking of vehicles, assets and persons. Concox has been in business for over 15 years and now has a customer base in over 120 different countries. On a global scale, Concox is one of the top 3 GPS tracking manufacturers in China.

With an extensive catalogue of GPS tracking hardware units and their own software platform called TrackSolid, Concox is a full service company that can provide it’s users with a complete solution from start to finish. Because Concox offers it’s own software to go with it’s hardware solutions, this makes unit setup even easier!

Concox GPS tracker adavantages

When looking to track a number of assets in a mixed fleet, it is important to make sure that you are collecting the most relevant and actionable data from your assets. Having the right hardware and peripherals can certainly play it’s part in how much of this you can collect in the field. Concox has asset tracking devices which attach to shipping containers and heavy machinery, personal GPS trackers which are worn or carried in the users pocket and also fleet trackers for use in vehicles that are moving most of the time. Concox truly has the entire spectrum of tracking needs covered with it’s offerings.


Mapon tracking software review

Today I’ll be reviewing a GPS fleet tracking company called Mapon. When considering a GPS fleet tracking system, it’s a good idea to be knowledgeable on the features and capabilities which a provider has when looking for a system to purchase. It’s also good to know how the software works and how easy it is to use. In this review I’ll be going over some key features to help you decide if Mapon is right for you.

Mapon is a professional GPS tracking and fleet management company serving thousands of customers worldwide. They also provide hosted, white-label solutions for those looking to start a GPS tracking business. One of the other features Mapon offers is tracking of temperatures in refrigerated trailers which offers a huge benefit to the companies using it to control spoilage and reduce downtime.

Mapon GPS software usability

Mapon’s software is generally easy to navigate and see where vehicles are at any given time, but viewing historical data can be difficult, especially of other vehicle routes overall the ones you wish to view. And also, there does not seem to be an option to click on the pushpins on the map to view event details from that point in time. However, the Mapon software does excel in providing detailed information on fuel consumption and driver behavior which can be extremely useful, especially when managing a large fleet of vehicles. (more…)

GPSINSIGHT tracking software review

Today, I’ll be reviewing another major telematics provider on the market called GPSINSIGHT. GPSINSIGHT has been around for a little over 10 years, and has roots in the trucking industry. I’ll be going over the pros and cons of the service in this review, and hopefully this gives readers a better idea on what the GPSINSIGHT platform can and can’t do for them.

GPSINSIGHT is a full featured GPS tracking company, based in North America that provides tracking solutions for multiple industries and has a highly customizable software suite which allows businesses great flexibility in how they use it, and what types of data they can collect. GPSINSIGHT has solutions available for tracking even the smallest size fleets, all the way up to fleets of over 1,000 vehicles.

GPSINSIGHT software usability

Something that really stands out with GPSINSIGHT is how easy it is to navigate the software. All basic vehicle information is presented clearly on the main screen and it’s easy to see critical vehicle information. As far as alerting and reporting, these options are also available in sub-menus to be accessed separately. There is also a pro version available for fleets of 26 or more which provides a much more in-depth look into a fleet’s usage. This pro version is more difficult to navigate, and is definitely not as good as something like Navixy or Fleetmatics Reveal, but it still can be of use, especially for large fleets, it just might take some additional time to get used to.


Fleetmatics tracking software review

It’s incredibly important to do your research when looking at a GPS fleet tracking provider to ensure that you are getting the highest quality service and functionality for what you pay. Today I’ll be reviewing the Fleetmatics platform, hardware and options available to customers. My hope is that this will provide some insight as to whether Fleetmatics is the best choice for your fleet vehicle tracking needs.

Fleetmatics is a full-service GPS tracking provider that is focused entirely on fleet vehicles, ensuring operational efficiency as well as compliance with current mandates for transportation companies. They offer several levels of service, which I’ll also get into later in this review. Another thing worth nothing, is that Verizon has recently acquired Fleetmatics and added it to it’s growing portfolio of telematics investments. In my opinion, this will only help ensure the reliability and quality of service that Fleetmatics provides by using the Verizon network exclusively.

Fleetmatics software options

When it comes to using the Fleetmatics software there are a couple of different plans you can choose. The first is Fleetmatics Now, this is basically a lite version of their software for those who just need to know the current and historical location information of their vehicles. The second is Fleetmatics Reveal, which offers more advanced features such as custom alerting, geo-fencing, driver ID and more. This allows small businesses to get exactly what they need out of a fleet tracking system without paying for features they don’t need.