Samsara is a company founded in 2015 by MIT researchers, and may not be a name you are familiar with. The company provides a range of hardware including vehicle trackers and in-vehicle recorders to small business owners and mid-size fleet managers.

The in-vehicle recorders are useful for viewing accidents from the driver’s perspective, helping with liability coverage in the event of an accident. Each device from Samsara provides real-time tracking with second-by-second updates. This is in contrast to the tracking other telematics services provide where “real-time” may only mean once every few minutes.


Which software got the highest score: NexTraq, Wialon or Teletrac Navman

Which software got the highest score: NexTraq, Wialon or Teletrac Navman

The independent site did the most popular GPS tracking software’s comparison. Particularly in this post, you will see NexTraq, Wialon, Teletrack Navman Director comparison. All these fleet management software deservers the highest ratings for their UI design, powerful features, functionality etc. However, the question is, which GPS tracking software among these, got the highest score?



EVO GPS tracking software review

Today’s review is about EVO GPS, an entirely web-based GPS tracking system by the Romanian company Evotracking. The purpose of this review is to learn about the various features of the application, and understand how the EVO GPS may benefit fleet owners’ businesses. Within six years of its founding in 2009, Evotracking reached the top three Romanian companies regarding market share due to the popularity of it EVO GPS software service.

EVO GPS software features

EVO GPS tracking software provides several different graphic views of your GPS tracking information.

Map views include visual street map access to 2 million Romanian postal numbers and a satellite map view of the same area. With the map views, you can calculate travel distances, find coordinates and addresses, and view the information about your fleet vehicles.

Fleetilla tracking software review

Fleetilla is based in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan, the hometown of the Michigan Wolverines! Fleetilla has been in the business for nearly 20 years providing the GPS fleet management software for all types of vehicles. this company is involved in all aspects of connected solutions delivery (hardware design, manufacturing, cloud-based solutions, mapping, sales, service and wireless connectivity).

This company provide services on various sectors such as.

  • Fleets operating in regional, metropolitan, and/or rural areas
  • Logistics, Asset Management and other software providers who need to provide an integrated telematics solution
  • Small, medium and large contract carriers and private fleets
  • Corporate car fleets
  • Government agency fleets
  • Overseas/regional solution providers
  • Cellular carriers who need to provide a telematics/IoT solution
  • Non-profit and educational organizations
  • OEM solution providers


GpsGate tracking software review

With variety of providers to choose from when looking to enter the GPS tracking market, it’s important to do your research on each provider to ensure that maximum value is provided with the solution you end up choosing. Today I’ll be reviewing GPS Gate’s hosted software solutions for those interested in tracking a fleet of vehicles, or who want to start a GPS tracking company and would like some guidance.

GPS Gate offers both self-hosted and hosted GPS server options, something which is very common throughout all industry providers. With the hosted solution, a fee is charged monthly per tracked asset. With the self-hosted option, users must purchase one license per tracked asset, this license is perpetual. Both of these options include secure encryption and a full suite of account management tools. Both of these options are great for people looking to start a GPS tracking business that provides a monitoring service to customers so they can manage their assets remotely.

The GPS Gate software is customizable and allows for the changing of map providers as well as branding for those who are starting a new GPS tracking business. There is also a mobile device friendly version of the website for ease of access on the go. The software allows for real-time GPS tracking, which gives business owners and individuals valuable insight into the usage and location of their assets. There is also a built in notification and alerts engine, which allows for custom text message or email alerts based of certain parameters such as vehicle theft, harsh driving, speeding, etc. There is also a full reporting suite for in depth analysis of fleet vehicle and asset activities. Another software add on is vehicle maintenance, this is good to have to ensure that fleet vehicles receive the proper care they need and nothing is forgotten. (more…)



GPSWOX tracking software review

GPSWOX is a full featured, hosted GPS tracking solution which helps fleet managers keep track of their vehicles, and also allows users to create their own GPS tracking business by using GPSWOX’s white-label solutions. There are also free options for those looking to track a small number of assets, or are looking to try out the system before deploying it.

There are 2 different options with the GPSWOX You can either let them take care of the hosting, or you can self-host. Both can be good options, with the hosted being the easiest one for non-technical users that would like to start a GPS tracking business or monitor their fleet. And the self-hosted option being a good choice for private fleets and enterprise accounts looking for addition security and control.

GPSWOX user interface

One thing that really stands out with the GPSWOX user interface is its usability. Everything plotted out on the screen is clear and concise, completely leaving out any confusion as to what is displayed on the screen. There are also a wide variety of custom reports and alerts to be seen in the online portal. The GPSWOX system also includes extremely easy to use geo-fencing options, and also marked points-of-interest on the map.

GPSWOX software support

Another key point to consider when looking at a GPS tracking provider, either for hosting you white-label solution or for tracking your fleet of vehicles is technical support. GPSWOX offers 24/7 365 customer service to its customers absolutely free of charge. Other providers often skimp on this, and will have limited hours of service with their technical support team. In today technology driven environment, it is extremely important to make sure there is a dedicated team available to help you at all hours, should any issue arise.


Visirun GPS tracking software review

Visirun is a full features GPS tracking company which provides advanced GPS tracking solutions to it’s customers. It should also be noted that Visirun is a division of Fleetmatics, which is also another major player in the fleet telematics game. The focus of Visirun is mainly on larger sized corporate fleets, and provides a host of advanced solutions for their demands.

When looking at the capabilities of the Visirun platform, on thing that really stands out is the abundance of features which are available. There is even an option to view the tachometer of each vehicle in the fleet. This feature is not used by many providers in the industry and can provide fleet managers in depth insight into the use of their vehicles. There is also the option to monitor additional peripherals such as fuel tanks, temperatures and more.

The Visirun platform is completely web-based and also available in the form of a mobile application for the convenience of the end-user. At times however, it can be somewhat difficult to navigate the interface when compared to platforms with similar functionality such as Navixy. With that being said, the software is still manageable and does provide the advanced functionality that larger fleets may require. There are also a host of reporting and alerting options available, all of which seem to be quite standard in the industry today. No surprises in that department.


Traccar GPS tracking software review

Traccar is a self-hosted and completely free and open-source GPS tracking system. It also includes a web-interface which allows users to view and configure devices online. The server version is written in Java, and can be used across most operating systems. There is also ongoing support to continue adding new devices as they are released onto the market.

When looking more closely at Traccar, we can see that it is a complete GPS tracking server setup. Also, it should be noted that there are no hosted options available at this time, which means that those looking to use this platform must be technologically savvy, have a support team, or outsource the hosting to a third party provider. While not a total deal breaker, this is something to consider when looking to set up a private GPS tracking software. This also means that there is no direct support from the company if an issue arises, and you are reliant on you own team or a third party to maintain and upgrade your server as necessary.

Traccar software advantages

For those willing to take the plunge into a self-hosted only option, Traccar does provide some great functionality for those looking to get into the business of asset tracking. It’s user interface is easy to use, but the downfall in that is also that it’s functionality can be limited at times and leaves users wanting more. A company that I have found that seems to balance ease of use, yet still retains optimum functionality would be There are also some other providers such as GPS Gate which seem to come close to striking this balance in some areas, but are often priced much higher and are still somewhat frustrating to use.


Navixy GPS tracking software review

As the market for custom GPS tracking solutions grows, businesses and individuals alike are searching for platforms which allow for the tracking of multiple objects simultaneously. Luckily, there are a number of providers on the market today to help users track their vehicles and assets in real-time. Today I will be reviewing the Navixy platform.

Navixy software features

At it’s core, Navixy provides it’s users the ability to track their vehicle, assets and other objects on an entirely web-based interface with no software to download or install. This allows for the intelligent management of assets from any computer, tablet or mobile device. For more advanced users looking to track large fleets, Navixy offers a full suite of tools that allow business owners to set packages, prices and configure devices remotely for their clients.

For those looking to build a GPS tracking business in the ever expanding market for location based intelligence, Navixy provides the software and tools required to build a tracking business. Full software branding available, however there is no possibility to get branded apps, like with Gpswox. With support for over 600 devices, this ensures that clients will be able to track almost any vehicle or asset imaginable!


Sky Patrol tracking software review

Sky patrol is the company was incorporated in 2002 and is based in Miami, Florida with additional offices in California, Texas, Illinois, and Latin America. It has manufacturing and distribution channels in the United States and internationally. Sky patrol, LLC operates as a subsidiary of TOPP Group, Inc. LLC develops GPS tracking and fleet automation solutions. The company offers commercial fleet tracking and management solutions, which include Fleet Command that allows clients to access the data and performance metrics; integrated fleet management and navigation; asset and personal tracking; and passport asset management solutions. The company also provides Lot Man, a real-time GPS inventory management system; Defender X, a rental and loaner management; dealer up-sell programs for the automobile dealer industry; and Defender, a real-time vehicle location and remote deactivation for buy here pay here dealerships. In addition, it offers GPS/GSM, GPRS, and satellite M2M equipment and accessories; and a risk mitigation system that allows lenders to protect auto loans from realized and unknown risk factors. Further, the company provides GPS based private investigator and law enforcement monitoring solutions, such as Patrolman to support clients during covert surveillance; and Defender X Bait Car Spec to allow law enforcement agencies to remotely monitor their bait cars in real-time, disable the engine, and lock the doors. It also serves logistics, service, plumbing, delivery, security, finance, and bus and limo companies, as well as HVAC technicians, general contractors, self-financing dealers, floor planners, franchise new car dealers, finance and insurance departments, parts and service departments, and rental car agencies in the United States, Canada, Central America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.
Sky patrol is partnered with the largest CDMA provider (Verizon) in USA with the largest national coverage with more stable connections, even in the most rural areas.