Ruptela GPS tracker company review

Ruptela is a GPS tracking service provider that has been around for almost a decade. They specialize in traffic management solutions and in fleet management. Ruptela manufactures a large amount of devices for monitoring fleet activity and also provides software solutions for optimizing vehicle routing and efficiency.

The hardware options that Ruptela manufactures are quite inclusive. From their Plug And Track options to their hardwired models, there’s quite a few applications that Ruptela has covered with it’s hardware. Another offering that Ruptela has is their advanced fuel monitoring sensor. This sensor can be easily installed in vehicles and equipment and requires minimal installation. This can help fleets monitor their fuel consumption and also eliminate fuel theft entirely.

Ruptela advantages

With the ability to track fleet vehicles and other assets with their own custom car tracking device Ruptela can help out businesses of all sizes. Also, when paired with their powerful routing software, businesses can realize even more operational efficiency by eliminating poor and overlapping routes. This saves time, money and the potential headache of dissatisfied customers due to services not being performed in a time efficient manner because of poor routing or traffic delays that could have been avoided.