Gosafe GPS tracker company review

Gosafe is a company that was incorporated in 1999 to develop hardware and software GPS tracking solutions and continues to lead the field in both GPS fleet management products as well as personal trackers. Working in partnership with mobile hardware manufacturers, software development companies, mapping companies, and distributors, Gosafe is strongly positioned to provide integrated solutions that work well.

Gosafe offers many different pieces of hardware for fleet tracking and provide highly trained technicians to install complex devices – however, many of their products are simple plug and play devices. Whether plugged into an OBD II connector, or into the standard lighter/power socket, installation of the devices can be very easy.

With accurate tracking and asset trackers that can last for over a year in standby mode, Gosafe solution have a wide range of applications. Basic tracking through to remote vehicle diagnostics, single asset tracking to full fleet tracking devices, Gosafe covers every item you may want to keep track of.

Gosafe GPS trackers

Gosafe GPS trackers are used throughout multiple industries, and not just for simple GPS tracking. Fleet management with driving scores, notification of speeding, fuel consumption, and more, will allow business to better manage their road use. Fuel economy can be improved. and drivers can work more efficiently.

Solutions for usage-based insurance are also provided, where the true driving ability and safety of an individual are rated to allow for more accurate insurance pricing. Safety features include the ability to notify in case of crashes or vehicle rollovers.