Galileosky advices how to optimize fleet management

Galileosky advices how to optimize fleet management

10 ways to optimize fleet management

Fleet management optimization is one of the most important tasks in transport monitoring. Despite the fact that professional GPS equipment has broad opportunities, mostly used solutions imply only fuel level control and vehicle tracking. How else can you optimize costs and improve the efficiency of fleet management? In this article, we have gathered TOP-10 options.

1.       Fuel usage control

While we are on fuel level control, it is important to mention that standard embedded sensors are not enough. The perfect system will record not only the current level of fuel, but also consumption, refueling, draining. Digital fuel level sensors are highly accurate and can cope with this task. Connecting sensors to Galileosky tracking devices by RS232 and RS485 interfaces will allow monitor all indicators in real time. Thanks to RS485 protocol support, up to 16 fuel level sensors can be connected to the GPS tracker at the same time – this option is mostly suitable for special vehicles with several fuel tanks or stationary fuel facilities.