Pet GPS Tracking

It’s natural. Pets (dogs, cats) are prone to stray away, go amiss, or be stolen. Being a pet owner, you always feel fear of their safety and unwanted thoughts come to you like what happens if you both never get a chance to be reunited again.

Luckily, technology is here to help and it does enhance the return rates of pets if they go missing. With so many tracking systems available, GPS tracking technology is an efficient system that can help you resolve all lost-pet problems and notify your pet’s whereabouts.

How Does GPS Pet Tracker Work?

They work on a simple principle. It contains a GPS chip inside, which pick up the signals beamed by GPS satellites that cycle around earth to determine pet’s lost spot in the real time. GPS pet tracker can help pet owners to locate their pet anytime anywhere. Usually an app is used to display the pet’s position. Having a GPS enabled chip on dog collar can monitor your pet at all times constantly by giving you updates.

Types of Pet (Dog, Cat) GPS Tracker

Generally, there are two types of GPS pet trackers obtainable in the market. First type belongs to those trackers, which tracks via a cell phone carrier. And obviously they require cell coverage in order to send data to owner’s smartphone. However, this type of trackers comes with two major drawbacks: since they require cellular coverage, which is not possible to track pets in a remote area where cell coverage is not available. Also, they charge monthly fees for their tracking services.

Whereas the other type of trackers use radio waves to transmit signals. Absence of monthly charges is the main benefit of this technology. Yet the downside is its shorter range (closer you are to the pet, stronger the signal will be) and limitation to access the pet’s location with a handheld device instead of smartphone.

Want to adopt a pet? Whether you like to have a cat or a dog, owning a GPS pet tracker of your choice can keep them safe and easier to track down.

Benefits of GPS Tracking System for Pets

Many pet owners are opting for cellular trackers and radio trackers due to its various benefits. Some of them are:

  • The GPS pet tracking technology has evolved a lot from being bulkier and heavier to lighter and smaller. This means the pet will feel relaxed after wearing the equipment, and give you peace of mind by not stripping it away.
  • Many pet tracking devices will allow owner to be heedful (email or text alerts) when their pets go beyond the safe perimeter. The ability to set safe zones makes it possible to know when the pet escapes from allowed areas and hence you can act accordingly before they go too far away.
  • With increasing rate of theft reports, no wonder that some pets are stolen and sold on cheap. So, one of the bonus features that some GPS tracking equipment manufacturers’ offer is the ‘pet search services’. A specialized service like this implies GPS location of the pet and make sure to bring missing animal back home.
  • With the advancement of tracking systems, it’s no more trance for pets who want to do morning exercise alongside with their owners.
  • Owners can monitor their pet activity for an extended period of time. This is possible because server of equipment manufacturer saves location history of pets, only you need to log in and check any change in activity.

Most Common GPS Tracking Issuesto Ponder Over and Their Solutions

  • Does the battery keep you busy more than the pet itself? While using battery operated tracking device, you might feel the need to frequently recharge it which may cause interruption in monitoring the pets. So what is the solution? Well, while making your choice, don’t overlook the battery life of tracker. Pets spend most of their time outdoors so opt for trackers that come with long life batteries.
  • In case of radio-based tracker system, you need handheld transmitter to be lugged at all times (which is not ideal). However, this can be avoided by using mobile carrier based trackers that you can easily monitor anytime anywhere.
  • Your pet tracker device needs to be waterproof. Since you cannot dictate your pet where to go or not to, what will happen if it starts raining? Can you afford such a tracking device that won’t be functional at this moment?
  • When it comes to tracking the pet, you want a tracker that serves beyond the coverage area. If you have a very active pet, then don’t overlook the tracker coverage range before making a choice. A cellphone based tracker provides more reasonable range.


Pets are part of the family. Take all precautions to protect them. A GPS pet tracking device is all you need to achieve the peace of mind and to be sure of your pet’s history.