GPS Tracking and Logistics Business

Today, with all the advantages and facilities that GPS tracking offers it has become a very essential part of any logistic and gps tracking business. There are a lot of reasons, some of the key reasons are:

  1. The trailer-to-tractor ratio can be greatly enhanced increasing the productivity and efficiency at the same time. Each business strives to improve their productivity and tracking helps it.
  2. With the help of GPS, the cargo can always be tracked and therefore, its arrival and departure times all recorded. This allows the company to keep a track of their fleet and at the same time ensure that the officials are aware of the location in real time.

  1. The GPS tracker helps in ensuring that the cargo always remains monitored. Therefore, if there are some issues being faced by the cargo, GPS tracking allows immediate action to be taken. Also, constant tracking helps in reaching out to the cargo and make changes according to the customer requirements.
  2. Since, GPS tracking allows constant updates in real time, therefore if there is any sort of theft occurring, the main workstations will be informed about it. This can also help timely action being taken as per the need and requirement.
  3. When there is tracking of the cargo, any and every bottleneck can be identified. In case there are delays, they can be easily identified, and the cargo rerouted to ensure that there are no delays and the process remains smooth.
  4. Since GPS allows constant tracking, the cargo that needs exceptional care like proper monitoring of temperatures, humidity and other factors, can be monitored in real time and thus the chance of any harm coming to the cargo is greatly reduced.
  5. There are constant and accurate updates of the position of the cargo hence planning can be done much more effectively. Proper log maintenance is possible.
  6. When there is proper recording and maintenance of logs, there is no need to store heavy inventories as the company can also tackle the just in time inventory.
  7. It aids automation of the whole process of cargo delivery and thus ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.
  8. GPS fleet tracking helps in cost saving as it reduces the need of human employees and thus also eliminates possibility of human errors.
  9. The cash flow gets streamlined as there is real time updating of accounts happening. This allows a real time figure on daily basis thus aiding strategic planning in the supply chain department.
  10. Customer satisfaction is the key of any business, a streamlined process enables higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  11. Thanks to constant tracking, there are lesser insurance claims.

GPS and Challenges

Like any new technological implementation there is a need to consider the possible issues and repercussions that might occur, due to newer technologies being included as a part of the work space. Some of the most pressing challenges are:

  1. It is a costly technological addition to the business.
  2. Purchasing the technology and implementing it at all levels are two different things. The management and the employees need to be in sync.
  3. Too harsh weather conditions may render the GPS tracking useless and may even damage equipments.
  4. There should be a most favorable situation identified as to maximize the usage of the equipment and at the same time the battery of the GPS is not overworked.

GPS Implementation and solution:

There is always a solution to the problems if they are looked at in their totality along with proper strategic decision making. The possible solution to above mentioned challenges are:

  1. There are lot of consultancy firms that help and guide about GPS implementation for your business. Hiring these firms can help you get a proper insight about the feasibility of the implementation and the relevant training needs that might be necessary. This will help in understanding if GPS installation is going to be beneficial in the long run.
  2. There is a need to understand that GPS installation does not end when you acquire the equipments. There is a lot of restructuring involved. Therefore, the whole of the company need to be onboard to prevent any kind if resistance for the technological implementation that may be necessary.
  3. There should precautionary measures according to the battery requirements and the probable weather in which the GPS device may need to be transported. This way additional cost or sudden mishaps can be avoided.