Galileosky advices how to optimize fleet management

10 ways to optimize fleet management

Fleet management optimization is one of the most important tasks in transport monitoring. Despite the fact that professional GPS equipment has broad opportunities, mostly used solutions imply only fuel level control and vehicle tracking. How else can you optimize costs and improve the efficiency of fleet management? In this article, we have gathered TOP-10 options.

1.       Fuel usage control

While we are on fuel level control, it is important to mention that standard embedded sensors are not enough. The perfect system will record not only the current level of fuel, but also consumption, refueling, draining. Digital fuel level sensors are highly accurate and can cope with this task. Connecting sensors to Galileosky tracking devices by RS232 and RS485 interfaces will allow monitor all indicators in real time. Thanks to RS485 protocol support, up to 16 fuel level sensors can be connected to the GPS tracker at the same time – this option is mostly suitable for special vehicles with several fuel tanks or stationary fuel facilities.

2.       CAN data analysis

It is difficult to improve the efficiency of fleet management without measuring the data. Thanks to Galileosky trackers CAN bus support, the following parameters are read from the car’s sensors: total mileage, engine speed, engine hours, coolant temperature and so on. Galileosky devices support J1939 and J1979, FMS standard protocols, and also work well with contactless CAN Crocodile. As a result, in a special program Configurator”, designed for setting of Galileosky trackers, you can select up to 60 identifiers to control the vehicle usage. And, consequently, identify items of expenditure that can be optimized.

3.       Eco Driving

How does economical driving allow you to optimize the costs of a fleet maintainance? According to statistics, rapid acceleration and intensive braking increase fuel consumption by 33% on the highway and 5% on city roads. With the Eco Driving function, you can reduce not only fuel costs, but also the maintenance of the car. Galileosky trackers detect sudden acceleration and harsh braking, sharp turns and riding over bumps, so it is easy to define and correct the driving style of each driver. And, with the opportunity to send messages to the driver and organize voice communication, it’s easy to monitor, how the corporate driving rules are followed.

Thanks to Eco Driving you can ensure careful use of the vehicle, reduce repair costs, accidents and improve safety.

4.       Workforce control

Support of RS232, RS485 and 1-wire protocols opens up wide possibilities for driver performance control – identification using RFID reader or iButton, monitoring the work schedule and rest using tachographs.

Drivers’ identification significantly reduces the risk of fuel drains, as well as excludes the use of corporate transport for “left” routes or for personal purposes, increases the responsibility for the safety of the car and cargo. The driver rating, compiled on obtained data, will be a good motivation for improving the results.

5.       Contact with the driver

Enhance control and improve the safety of traffic are possible thanks to the capabilities of Galileosky trackers to listen to the car’s interior, adjust two-way voice communication with the dispatcher, connect an alarm button for automatic reaction to an accident. You can send important information by exchanging short messages with the Garmin navigator. Thus, the dispatcher can correct the route in a timely manner, according to the traffic situation, add a new order the route list to optimize the logistics or manage crisis situations efficiently.

6.       Cold chain management

As for cold chain management, it is extremely important to comply with the temperature regime, otherwise there will definitely be financial losses. For example, when delivering goods in hot countries, the cargo can deteriorate in less than an hour, even with the smallest temperature deviations. Galileosky tracking devices support the following refrigerating equipment: DataCold, Euroscan, IQFreeze, Carrier, Thermo King. In addition, one can connect temperature and humidity sensors.

7.       Maintenance cost savings

Besides the thermoregistrators, weight indicators and tire pressure sensors can help to monitor vehicle state and control conditions of goods transportation, ensuring their safety. Tire pressure control is highly important for large trucks to avoid overweighting and control the loading/unloading places. Even one tire damage will result in buying a new pair of tires, not to mention the fact that the driver may not notice that the truck has a flat tire.

8.       Data transmission savings

With the support of two SIM cards at a time and option to set up individual parameters of data transmission in roaming you would optimize expenses for communication services, especially vehicles, transporting goods from one country to another. In order to reduce the risk of sabotage, 1 SIM-chip can be installed instead of the second SIM-card.

Moreover, working as a “black box”, Galileosky tracking devices conduct points recording with every second detalization. The data are archived and uploaded only by request in case of controversial situations, it means, there won’t lead to extra GSM costs.

9.       Optimal data transmission

For the convenience of choosing the most suitable data transmission channel, Galileosky has devices with a 3G module, if the transmission speed is important, as well as with the Wi-Fi module – for territories with no GSM coverage. Thus, for tracking agricultural, logging or mining equipment, you can significantly save GSM costs by sending data to the monitoring server not in the “fields”, but on the base where the Wi-Fi modem is installed. To stay always connected with the vehicle and to get the immediate help in emergency cases Galileosky monitoring unit with Iridium satellite communication channel suits perfectly.

10.   Easy Logic technology

And, finally, by creating your own algorithms with Easy Logic, the functionality of the tracking device can be expanded even more. Unique Galileosky technology allows you to set reactions to different events, for example, to set up sound alerts when the speed limit is violated in the certain geo-fence, or when camera shooting when the doors are opened.

Galileosky equipment is valued as one of the most reliable and multifunctional solutions. Each month we realize new peripheral devices support. Most integrations are made upon the requests of partners. Therefore, if you need other features to optimize your customer’s fleet that are not in the list yet, feel free to contact our sales team.


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