Which software got the highest score: NexTraq, Wialon or Teletrac Navman

The independent FinancesOnline.com site did the most popular GPS tracking software’s comparison. Particularly in this post, you will see NexTraq, Wialon, Teletrack Navman Director comparison. All these fleet management software deservers the highest ratings for their UI design, powerful features, functionality etc. However, the question is, which GPS tracking software among these, got the highest score?


#1 NexTraq with 9.4/10 – the highest score!


NexTraq is one of the most famous tracking service providers. Within a span of 15 years, it has won the trust of more than 7,500 customers worldwide. The company has been expanding rapidly over the last few years. Businesses of all sizes are subscribed to this app. Famous companies such as Pittsburgh Glass Works are longtime customers of NexTraq. The app is available on both desktop and mobile platforms. It can be used to track fleet sizes as small as 2 vehicles and as large as 2000 vehicles. The app provides extensive training and technical support to customers, and its installation network spans the entire US. The head office of NexTraq is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The owner of the company, FleetCor Tech Inc., is known for many other services and products besides GPS solutions, such as fleet cards.


#2 Wialon with 9.2/10


Wialon has been in the GPS software market for more than 14 years. Within this time span, it has accumulated almost 1000 clients with over 850,000 vehicles and assets. It has clients, both individuals, and businesses, all over the world. Software provided by Wialon can be used to track not only mobile assets but also stationary ones. This sets them apart from other tracking solution providers. The software provided by Wialon can also be customized according to the needs of the clients. It works well when combined with other external devices such as sensors and cameras. The app generates reports based on recorded data. Thus it supports real-time as well as historical tracking. The app is supported by both desktop and mobile platforms. The mobile version can be used as both a SaaS application and a server-based one.


#3 Teletrack Navman Director with 8.5/10


Vehicles are not only a means of transporting goods but also valuable company property. Therefore it is important to keep a close eye on them. Teletrac Navman provides the perfect solution for businesses to track their company vehicles.Using their GPS tracking software, you can make sure your vehicles are always on time and on track. You can ensure that transportation schedules are followed perfectly. The drivers can also be monitored closely, making this software a great tool for driver management. The app also offers the option of generating reports based on the tracking history of a vehicle. Using the services of Teletrac Navman will guarantee lower staff costs and operating expenses for your business. This will consequently increase your profit margin. The amount of risk that is usually involved in the operation of a business also decreases significantly when using this service. The success of Teletrac Navman’s products is proved by the positive feedback from their clients.