Which software got the highest score: Navixy, GPSWOX or Fleetmatics?

In the second post, we took comparison statistics from FinancesOnline.com of another 3 popular GPS tracking software. In particular: Navixy, GPSWOX and Fleetmatics for their overall performance. FinancesOnline.com use unique SmartScore™ system to evaluate all the GPS tracking software listed to help you get the best one. It includes the mix of following elements:

  • Main functionality
  • Collaboration features
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Ease of use
  • Help& support
  • Media rating
  • Security
  • Mobility

Therefore, let’s compare and see, which GPS tracking software among these three, got the highest score.


#1 GPSWOX with 9.1/10 – the highest score!


GPSWOX tracking software can be used for multiple purposes. The company’s website displays information about all the services that are offered. The prices for the various GPS solutions are also listed. Their products are both affordable and reliable. This is a rare combination. It is also a major reason why customers have given positive reviews and high ratings to their products and services. Their website shows 5-star testimonials from the past and current clients of GPSWOX. Currently, GPSWOX has more than 100,000 customers all over the world. There are many famous largescale companies which have acquired the services of GPSWOX for commercial purposes. The GPSWOX tracking server is widely used for starting white label tracking business or fleet management. The software is also perfect for personal use, such as for tracking your phone, car, bike or other mobile assets. GPSWOX provides 24/7 tech. support. If you need help setting up your own tracking business, they will walk you through the entire process. GPSWOX has helped more than 500 customers with setting up their own tracking company in this manner. And most importantly GPSWOX software is fully customisable.


#2 Fleetmatics with 8.5/10


Fleetmatics is a provider of SaaS (software as a service) GPS solutions. The best feature of Fleetmatics is that its employees are incredibly helpful. Many clients may not be tech-literate. Therefore, the customer support system at Fleetmatics handles the technological aspect of their software. Thus, clients can focus on and monitor their businesses without worrying about the technical issues. Fleetmatics caters to businesses of all sizes. Their software can be used to track vehicles and drivers. The data that is recorded by the software can be accessed at a later time too. The app can be used for purposes other than tracking and navigation. For example, you can view the speed, mileage, and fuel consumption for a certain vehicle via this app. The company is based in the North American region. The headquarters are in Boston. However, Fleetmatics also operates in other states such as Chicago and Phoenix. Outside the United States, their operations cover the regions of Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. More than 750,000 vehicles in the world are monitored using software developed by Fleetmatics. The company has over 38,000 customers to date.


#3 Navixy with 8.0/10


Navixy is well known white label GPS tracking software. It is widely used for fleet management. Therefore, a large part of their client base comprises of businesses. There are two ways to run Navixy. The first one is the standard method, that is, via installation on a standalone system. The other option is to host the software on a cloud server. The client can choose whichever option suits them better. Overall, the pricing of both options is fairly affordable. The app can also be used on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Navixy is used on more than 600 device models worldwide. Users can view the relevant information related to each model with which the software is compatible. Navixy’s website contains detailed user guides for the clients. The app is simple to use, and can also be used for remote access and management.