Visirun GPS tracking software review

Visirun is a full features GPS tracking company which provides advanced GPS tracking solutions to it’s customers. It should also be noted that Visirun is a division of Fleetmatics, which is also another major player in the fleet telematics game. The focus of Visirun is mainly on larger sized corporate fleets, and provides a host of advanced solutions for their demands.

When looking at the capabilities of the Visirun platform, on thing that really stands out is the abundance of features which are available. There is even an option to view the tachometer of each vehicle in the fleet. This feature is not used by many providers in the industry and can provide fleet managers in depth insight into the use of their vehicles. There is also the option to monitor additional peripherals such as fuel tanks, temperatures and more.

The Visirun platform is completely web-based and also available in the form of a mobile application for the convenience of the end-user. At times however, it can be somewhat difficult to navigate the interface when compared to platforms with similar functionality such as Navixy. With that being said, the software is still manageable and does provide the advanced functionality that larger fleets may require. There are also a host of reporting and alerting options available, all of which seem to be quite standard in the industry today. No surprises in that department.

As far as the hardware support available for the Visirun goes, there are noticeably less options compared to other companies and other providers which seem to offer support for hundreds of devices. Visirun’s number seems to remain in the single digits. This can be problematic for those looking to manage a fleet of mixed assets such as trucks, shipping containers and heavy equipment. Having a variety of hardware options can ensure that every asset in your possession is tracked to it’s best ability with the absolute best hardware.

Visirun gps tracking software prices

Another aspect which should be considered when looking at a full-featured tracking system is pricing. Visirun seems to be a bit on the high end of the pricing scale, with per-device fees ranging from $23-$32 per month. This is much more expensive than similar options on the market like GPSWOX which offers unlimited devices for a one-time fee and included lifetime usage, and GpsGate which offers monthly subscriptions for just $10 per tracked asset.

Visirun software conclusion

To summarize this review, Visirun offers a more advanced tracking platform that what is typically seen in the marketplace. However this does come with a set of drawbacks such as a higher service price and it also does impact the overall usability of the system by somewhat complicating its navigation. When compared to other services such as Teletrac/Navman, Visirun does offer some more in depth tracking reporting, but this is only somewhat beneficial in most applications. Also, GPSWOX offers a much better monthly rate on a per-asset basis, and also received higher ratings in the customer service department. Overall Visirun is a well-rounded company when looking for GPS tracking solutions, but be prepared to pay a higher price for their services, and realize that there are other comparable options on the market which offer more value.