Verizon Connect

You can choose from a range of fleet tracking options with Verizon Connect, and you might be familiar with the team behind these solutions. Three companies owned by Verizon – Fleetmatics, Verizon Networkfleet, and Telogis – have been amalgamated into a single offering.

Whatever size business you are running, there’s a fleet tracking option for you. Verizon Connect offers great scalability with everything plug-and-play devices to highly advanced hardware, there will be a product and plan to suit your requirements.

But even with scalability, you won’t get lost. Verizon Connect will offer a dedicated point of contact within the company, so you’ll always be dealing with someone who knows your business almost as well as you do.

The company is large, and they can provide almost any kind of telematics solution you can think of – plus, they can help with the setup and configuration of a range of other Verizon business solutions.

Pricing and Contract

The offers available for your business are specific to your business, custom solutions from Verizon Connect. Because of this, there aren’t any prices listed online, and you can only get a price by speaking directly to the sales team.

Standard terms are 36 months, which matches what other fleet tracking companies provide. However, there are more flexible options available, even with month-to-month changes available.


Tracking your fleet is only as simple and effective as the software available, and the Verizon Connect software is better than most. Commonly, updates are provided on your fleet status at intervals of between one and three minutes – the Verizon software updates every 30 seconds, which is useful.

If you need ELD or IFTA compliance, that is offered along with HoS settings. If you want to see the software in action, you will need to request a demo – as this is a relatively new offering, there are no videos yet available online to show you how it all works.

Features and Services

While telephone support may be available, in many cases you’ll be left to install the hardware and set it up yourself. This is simple with OBD II port devices, but more advanced hardware may require the help of an expert.

Once running, you’ll get driver scorecards through the software, along with safety management data, fuel efficiency info, etc. Just about everything you need to ensure your drivers are safe and driving most cost-effectively.

It is also possible to set up maintenance alerts so you can proactively manage your fleet and prevent unnecessary breakdowns. Real-time alerts can be triggered for speeding, harsh braking or accelerating, or through geofences. Full reporting and compliance services are available so you can ensure your fleet is abiding by government regulations.

One thing to keep in mind is that the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and earned an F in reviews.

Pros and Cons


  • The range of options is excellent


  • The BBB shows Verizon Connect has poor reviews

The Verdict

The software is simple to use and backed with Verizon’s map technology, and as Verizon Connect is the merger of three great GPS fleet tracking and management services, the result is as good as you might expect. A great choice for mid-size fleets, the regular on-screen fleet updates are useful, as is the ability to overlay traffic and weather data.