Top 5 Free and Open Source GPS Tracking Softwares (updated 2020)

Top Free GPS Tracking Softwares

Many GPS tracking companies are looking for free and open source softwares to utilize for their blooming GPS companies; companies want to serve their customers in order to give their clients a specific service that the competition does not… these top five GPS softwares do just that!  Open source system or software typically mean that the original source code is made freely available for others to redistribute and modify.  In other words, make their software fit you!  With the coveted feedback from several GPS companies all over the nation, here is a list of the five free and open source GPS softwares available today.


1:  The first on our list is Traccar.  True to open source softwares, this company provides a beautifully laid out software that is certainly able to be modified in order to meet some of your personalization needs.  As an added benefit, Traccar also offers its customers an application for easy on-the-go tracking from your phone or tablet.  Even more interesting, if one is so inclined, Traccar offers an app that gives the customer the ability to use their phone as the tracker; a unique and beneficial option that Traccar provides.  A quick internet search and you’ll discover that several people have written some great reviews on this software adding to its validity in the GPS tracking software world.


2:  Next on the list is OpenGTS.  They’re an open source company who has served clients in over 110 countries; this also means that their software supports numerous languages and that they are well respected worldwide.  They too offer customization throughout their software for a very personalized touch.  OpenGTS is written in Java and therefore will operate on multiple technologies (including Linux, Mac, Windows, etc) thus providing their customers with versatility and convenience.


3:  GPSWOX is another excellent free software for GPS tracking.  They also provide great company branded hardware and customer support.  GPS tracking server is very easy on the eyes and user friendly with tons of personal customization so you can provide your customers with the image and brand you want!  What is more, is that GPSWOX provides their services starting within the “free” bracket; this provides the customer the basics of tracking and the included mobile app for tracking when away from the office.


4:  GPSTrace is a great free and open source software company that also has a user-friendly interface.  Their website is very catchy and easy to navigate as well.  GPSTrace offers a fleet management solution, but they market themselves more for the private sector (ie. Track your children or family for added security).  On their website, they advertise and offer a free solution with some limitations, as GPSWOX does.  GPSTrace will allow tracking of up to five units and allow their customers to set up to 20 alerts and 15 geo fences!


5:  Last but certainly not least, is GPSGate.  GPSGate provides a free download, 30 days free hosting, supports hundreds of unique devices, and provides all the basic functions of a great white label GPS software.  With the ability to support any language, you can provide service to virtually every country!  GPSGate even provides some easy to find support on their website for more of a turnkey experience.  With GPSGate supporting your GPS tracking company, you will have all the necessary tools you need to keep the customer satisfied.

 Free GPS softwares conclusion

With many free and open source GPS software companies competing for the growing interest in asset management, these five companies provide the most difficult competition for the other up-and-coming open source GPS software companies out there.  With the ability to now use and modify these companies softwares to your company’s benefit, you are well on your way to becoming the next GPS company who can accurately meet the needs of today’s GPS customers.  Stay unique, advertise your brand, and make your company great by utilizing one of these Top 5 Free and Open Source GPS softwares today!