Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Softwares (updated 2020)

Top GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Softwares

There are seemingly countless companies utilizing or considering fleet and asset tracking for their fleet companies, while others are looking to investigate GPS Fleet tracking softwares in order to start their own GPS companies.  Whatever the motivation, we have created a list of the top ten GPS fleet tracking softwares for professionals like yourself.  When looking further into the diverse softwares available, we find several GPS fleet tracking software companies competing for the top spot and therefore can become a serious time-burden to search the hundreds of companies who claim to provide the best service and prices.  This list is by no means fully comprehensive or in a numerical hierarchy, however it is what we’ve determined to be an accurate list of the ten best tracking softwares available to date as each of these softwares can easily provide your business with the professional tools and information to keep your business or clients connected to their rolling stock.

GPS Insight

GPSInsight is a telematics company that operates out of Arizona.  They’ve got an excellent staff and the customer service is easy to work with.  Their software is very slick and well organized for an optimized user-friendly experience.  Their prices are also very competitive as well with added perks when it comes to expanding the scope of the telematics solution each client wishes.  One of those great added perks is being able to connect any of your smart devices to GPS Insights GPS fleet tracking software in order to track while you’re away from the office.


NetworkFleet is a Verizon company with some strategic business partnerships with two of the biggest companies in the telematics industry: Telogis and Fleetmatics.  With these two companies backing their company, NetworkFleet offers a full spectrum of fleet and vehicle tracking applications; whether you need to track your fleet with the simplicity of basic tracking and eLogs or you need to know the temperature of your reefer truck from the dispatch office, NetworkFleet has you covered.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman is a GPS fleet tracking software company that specifically gears its marketing for the construction and trucking fleets.  While they can help you track just about anything you need monitored, they pride themselves in making your company (whether a local construction job or a cross-country long haul) get the job done effectively.  Efficiency (i.e. saving money, time, and resources) is the number one goal for Teletrac and, with their software and support, it is very easy to save time and money.


Fleetmatics is one of the most popular and well known telematics companies today.  Countless industries across the nation are utilizing Fleetmatics’ solutions.  They have a superb internet presence and a list of companies taking advantage of their telematics services (Direct TV and Virgin to name a couple) to keep your head spinning for days.  Like several of the GPS fleet tracking software companies out there, Fleetmatics also uses Verizon’s data services for excellent coverage and affordable data rates.  If you’re looking for a company who has been in the industry with the veterans in this niche and has had time to really integrate their services for the benefit of their customers, then Fleetmatics is a great choice for your GPS company.


Fleetio is a less known GPS fleet tracking software company but their customers do not lose out on quality and service.  They have an incredibly easy-on-the-eyes software that’s so easy to navigate, you could almost teach yourself how to manage it.  While all of the companies on this list can track, and help you manage your fleet, Fleetio has a great feature that allows you to schedule and predict maintenance tasks.  That’s right… predict!  It will allow to you track fleet parts!  They advertise two main packages to their software which is Fleetio Manage and Fleetio Drive.  This company is worth the investigation while searching for the top GPS fleet tracking software company to go with; you’ll begin to realize why it’s on our top ten list.


GPSWOX , also known as a white-label software company, provides a very simple to navigate solution while assisting companies with the full solution dynamic in that they provide hardware, software, customer service and alert management.  True to the description of being a “white label” global positioning software company, they make it very easy for their clients to set up personal customizations to give their software interface a much more personalized touch with the convenience of prioritizing those “hot points” for each individual prospective client.  What is more, is that their pricing is incredibly aggressive in that they have their services based on a scale which surprisingly starts within the “FREE” bracket.


CalAmp is a very well renowned global positioning company based out of California and has the technical experience to back it up having been founded in 1981.  CalAmp is on this Top Ten list of GPS fleet tracking softwares not only because they provide their own hardware and software for very custom tailored industries that utilize fleet and asset management tracking, but because they are client-based and ever-evolving into a better company.  They help companies keep up with the times as well as their rolling assets.  In fact, they are releasing gorgeous new version of the Lender Outlook platform (very beneficial for BHPH automobile lots) which has a host of features to make fleet and inventory management hassle-free with its stream-lined experience for an easier and intelligent management solution.  CalAmp has teams of people working in collaboration to always seek to provide its clients On Demand Tracking and a full turnkey solution.


Telogis is another GPS fleet tracking software company that offers a on demand tracking solution that is ahead of the curve.  With connections from Verizon to Mack to Ford, Telogis is sure to provide a reliable and innovative solution for its clients.  Its software has an intuitive feel very similar to GPS Insight’s platform.  Their mobile friendly software just solidifies why Telogis is a top contender for the best GPS tracking software company.  What is more is that they have an incredible system of customer service for just about every facet of the industry that would necessitate incidences for some real personal dialogue between their professional staff and its clients.


True to its name, GoFleet helps companies (trusted in over one half of a million vehicles worldwide) stay on the move while obliterating those fleet management struggles that their clients’ fleet and asset managers all-to-commonly must deal with on a day-to-day basis.  GoFleet is GPS fleet tracking software company on this list because it is a company that strives to offer its clients the maximum efficiency for its customers’ fleets.  The intelligent and record friendly graphing of key areas of fleet management is a must-have for the fleet companies looking to expand their operations and provide the best service available.  With GoFleet, and several of the other companies on this list, companies can witness weekly idle cost trends, fuel costs, driving behavior trends and much more.  GoFleet also goes above-and-beyond with their intuitive approach to helping their clients stay professional and observant with government regulations and mandates by offering an easy way to keep compliant and organized.


NAVIXY is well known genuine white label GPS software company. Navixy easily makes its way on this list, despite being chronologically 10th on our list, because of its full range of support.  Navixy claims to closely support over an impressive amount of five hundred GPS devices making Navixy one of the most versatile software’s a company can utilize no matter the specific device a company may be currently using.  Navixy software has many advanced features, however the question is “do regular business user needs all them” as this makes software hard to use.

Fleet tracking softwares conclusion

Since we do live in a fast-paced world in which the internet of things is booming, we find several professional and top grade GPS fleet tracking software companies.  Each of these companies is tirelessly working on creating the best fleet and asset tracking program for its clients.  Since each of these companies on our list is considered one of the best, we couldn’t really conclude with the absolute best software since they all are “the best” in their own way.  However, we have found that there are a few golden-threads that run through each of these companies’ softwares: mobile apps, customizable alerts, and ease of use without sparing sophistication and intelligence; these are the things each GPS fleet tracking software needs to even be considered for the top ten spot.  Thus, choosing the right tracking software company is completely determined by the solution each individual client needs.  In our opinion, every fleet needs tracking and beginning the search for the top software for your telematics solution should start right here with our list of the top ten GPS fleet tracking softwares.