Sky Patrol tracking software review

Sky patrol is the company was incorporated in 2002 and is based in Miami, Florida with additional offices in California, Texas, Illinois, and Latin America. It has manufacturing and distribution channels in the United States and internationally. Sky patrol, LLC operates as a subsidiary of TOPP Group, Inc. LLC develops GPS tracking and fleet automation solutions. The company offers commercial fleet tracking and management solutions, which include Fleet Command that allows clients to access the data and performance metrics; integrated fleet management and navigation; asset and personal tracking; and passport asset management solutions. The company also provides Lot Man, a real-time GPS inventory management system; Defender X, a rental and loaner management; dealer up-sell programs for the automobile dealer industry; and Defender, a real-time vehicle location and remote deactivation for buy here pay here dealerships. In addition, it offers GPS/GSM, GPRS, and satellite M2M equipment and accessories; and a risk mitigation system that allows lenders to protect auto loans from realized and unknown risk factors. Further, the company provides GPS based private investigator and law enforcement monitoring solutions, such as Patrolman to support clients during covert surveillance; and Defender X Bait Car Spec to allow law enforcement agencies to remotely monitor their bait cars in real-time, disable the engine, and lock the doors. It also serves logistics, service, plumbing, delivery, security, finance, and bus and limo companies, as well as HVAC technicians, general contractors, self-financing dealers, floor planners, franchise new car dealers, finance and insurance departments, parts and service departments, and rental car agencies in the United States, Canada, Central America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.
Sky patrol is partnered with the largest CDMA provider (Verizon) in USA with the largest national coverage with more stable connections, even in the most rural areas.

Sky patrol software solutions

Sky patrol provides three types of major software solutions:

  • Defender: BHPH and Vehicle Finance
  • Protek+: New Car Dealers
  • Fleet Command: Fleet Solutions

Defender: BHPH and Vehicle Finance

Defender is basically built or the smaller company who wants to lend their cars to others or give cars to rent or those who wants to keep track of their personal cars.

Defender key features

  • Breadcrumb Trail
  • Unlimited Geofences
  • 25 Hour Interval Tracking
  • Tow Lot Alerts
  • Stop Report/Duration Report
  • Remote Auto payment
  • Limited Life Time Warranty
  • One-click Repo Mode
  • #1 Rated Verizon Network

Defender Can Help You in BHPH (Buy Here, Pay Here), Bank/Auto Finance, Credit Unions type conditions

Protek+: New Car Dealers

Protek+ is designed for new car dealers and rental stations.

Key Features:

  • Instantly locate any vehicle across multiple lots 24/7
  • Monitor loaner and company vehicles
  • Proactive low battery alerts
  • Track breadcrumb trails and set speeding thresholds
  • Real-time stolen vehicle alerts with reduced recovery time
  • Track vehicle mileage for service and loyalty programs
  • Offer your customers a real product with real profits
  • Simple registration and bill of sale creation


Dealer Benefits:


Consumer Benefits:
High-margin, high-value F&I product


Stolen vehicle recovery
Dynamic inventory management


Live-tracking 24/7
Perimeter, low battery and speeding alerts


Perimeter, low battery and speeding alerts
Instantly locate vehicles by stock number


Safety and security for family members

VIN, make, or model


Locate from any mobile device
Easy to install and remove – OBD installation Potential insurance discounts


Fleet Command: Fleet Solutions

Fleet command is a GPS Solution for Small to Medium Fleets. They provide a beautiful UI known as fleet managers with which you can locate all vehicles 24/7 and analyze custom, real-time, key performance metrics.

It does all the thing possible in above solution but it has some exclusive features which comes only with fleet command.

Exclusive Benefits:

Enhanced dispatching Visibility to driving patterns
Rapid response time Compliance with policies
Increased productivity Real-time performance reports
Measure time at locations Encourages safer driving habits
Reduction of overtime Reduce fuel and maintenance costs
Lower insurance premiums Electronic logging of engine activity (ELD)
Rapid recovery of stolen vehicles Route Planning and Trip Delivery ETA
Custom alerts and reports Independent Trailer Tracking
Greater asset and staff safety



Sky patrol tries to cover every field in its market. Their aim is to make their name in GPS racking system. They wants to be the world leader in their department. They also have some great hardware device with great precision to calculate the accurate GPS records. Their most popular software’s solutions are Protek+ & Fleet Command.  The company main focus in dealers and companies. Their devices are best made for small or bid industrial setups. For the personal use their devices aren’t that cheap or useful. Because we don’t usually need such high accuracy devices for personal uses. So, if you are the type of person who is looking for your own personal car look somewhere else !