Position Logic GPS tracking software Review

Position Logic is a full featured technology company which offers a host of software options as well as hardware solutions for those looking to track their assets, and also for those interested in stating a GPS tracking business. This is accomplished by configuring a white-label software platform which allows business owners to brand the platform and sell their solution to clients for a monthly charge.

There are two different ways to approach the Position Logic platform when looking to start a GPS tracking business or manage your current fleet of vehicles. The first is a completely hosted solution which offers a completely turn-key experience for its users. This means that Position Logic will maintain, upgrade and repair the servers as necessary to ensure maximum uptime for its clients. This is a great place to start for those who are less technologically savvy, or those who just don’t want to deal with having a third party host their solution. The second option is completely self-hosted and requires you to have your own server to run the platform on. This can be good for large businesses that want the security of hosting their tracking solution in house and having their IT team handle any issues or upgrades.

Position Logic software interface

When looking at the actual end-user interface, Position Logic seems to have one of the more advanced and polished looking platforms on the market, similar to the Navixy platform. The software is easy to navigate and has a host of different reports and custom alerts available. There are also multiple layers on the map which can be manipulated, and the ability to track routes and dispatch vehicles as well. Another thing to be mentioned is how customizable this platform is. For those looking to start a GPS tracking business, or fleet managers in specific industries, the platform can be tailored to industry-specific needs.

As far as the hardware support goes with Position Logic, they offer one of the highest hardware support numbers in the industry with over 400 devices that are compatible. This is particularly useful when looking to service clients, or business assets that may need a variety of hardware options to accommodate the tracking of mixed fleets, containers, and other business equipment.

Another area which Position Logic excels at is in the customer service department. They offer true 24/7 365 customer service to their clients. One if the only other providers in this market with 24/7 365 customer service would be Gpswox. Both of these companies provide the support necessary to ensure that their systems are functioning properly. This level of support is extremely beneficial, and almost necessary in today’s marketplace, with the growing demand for On-Demand asset location at any given time.

Position Logic white label software conclusion

To summarize this review, Position Logic is a fairly well-rounded hosted and self-hosted GPS tracking platform which brings a lot to the table for it’s clients. The customer service is always available and the software is generally easy to use. However, the main issue which might hold prospective buyers back is the pricing of Position Logic’s service. To operate a full scale GPS tracking business, the monthly cost can be in the thousands. There is still opportunity to profit, even with this pricing, but there are many other more affordable and just as functional options on the market right now. One company that comes to mind is Gpswox. They offer a 1 time setup fee for their white label, hosted tracking platform. While a higher start-up cost, this guarantees much more profits in the future after the initial investment. This would definitely be something to consider when looking at Position Logic as a solution provider for your GPS tracking needs.