Networkfleet tracking software review

Networkfleet is a full service GPS tracking company that offers fleet management services to businesses of all sizes. Networkfleet was recently acquired my Verizon, which means all of their devices are now running on the nation’s largest and most reliable cellular network. This is not the first major telematics related acquisition Verizon has taken part of in the past and should lead to increased service and reliability across all of their holdings.

Networkfleet specializes in tracking large and government fleets at the base of it’s business, but can also be used by individuals as well. They have a full suite of add-on services to tailor the program to meet the end user’s needs. There is no white-label service available for their software, which means those looking to start a GPS tracking business and private label their software will have to look elsewhere.

Networkfleet software features

As far as the actual software goes, Networkfleet’s system can be a bit hard to navigate at times and requires the navigation of complex sub-menus to get more detailed information about fleet use. This can be somewhat time consuming to access and may require that users/employees spend additional time learning how to use the platform. On the plus side, the reports on fuel and vehicle usage generated by Networkfleet’s software are extremely well put together and easy to decipher. However, the ease-of-use factor is definitely a concern when comparing their cloud based platform to companies such as GPSWOX and Navixy which are much less complex to navigate.

When looking at hardware support, Networkfleet only supports several devices, most of which are manufactured directly by themselves. This can make tracking a mixed fleet of vehicles, containers and equipment difficult, because some devices are better suited for different applications and trying to make one device work for everything can decrease the amount of data collected on asset utilization. Other companies such as Fleetmatics, Visirun etc. are compatible with hundreds of devices which can be divided amongst assets for the best monitoring capabilities.

Network fleet advantages and disadvantages

Another thing which should be mentioned is the lack of quality in the customer service sector. Networkfleet does not have 24 hour customer service unlike other companies like Frotcom which can be frustrating if you experience any issues after hours or on a weekend. This is definitely something to think about when choosing a GPS tracking provider. At the end of the day, Networkfleet can be a good tool for tracking large fleets, but there is a high monthly cost per-unit to use the system and also the software isn’t the greatest I’ve seen on the market. The graphs and reporting are great features however and do provide some good insights on fleet use, so it may be an option for your business if you really like the graphs. These are all things to consider before choosing a company like Networkfleet.