Navixy GPS tracking software review

As the market for custom GPS tracking solutions grows, businesses and individuals alike are searching for platforms which allow for the tracking of multiple objects simultaneously. Luckily, there are a number of providers on the market today to help users track their vehicles and assets in real-time. Today I will be reviewing the Navixy platform.

Navixy software features

At it’s core, Navixy provides it’s users the ability to track their vehicle, assets and other objects on an entirely web-based interface with no software to download or install. This allows for the intelligent management of assets from any computer, tablet or mobile device. For more advanced users looking to track large fleets, Navixy offers a full suite of tools that allow business owners to set packages, prices and configure devices remotely for their clients.

For those looking to build a GPS tracking business in the ever expanding market for location based intelligence, Navixy provides the software and tools required to build a tracking business. Full software branding available, however there is no possibility to get branded apps, like with Gpswox. With support for over 600 devices, this ensures that clients will be able to track almost any vehicle or asset imaginable!

As far as the actual end-user software experience goes, there are a suite of tools available to help clients manage their fleets as well as reduce fuel consumption, excessive overtime and vehicle misuse. There are also a number of customizable text message and email alerting options available for critical vehicle events such as harsh driving, speeding, power loss and much more. This is helpful for letting fleet managers know if there is an issue right away, even if they are not logged on to the platform.

When using the software, the alerts are quite easy to set up by selecting a vehicle and assigning a particular rule, however the software interface itself can seem a bit overwhelming at times. There is quite a bit going on when you look at the main screen which can be distracting and makes it hard to navigate (for a new user). Overall the software still performs the necessary functionality needed when considering a fleet vehicle tracking solution.

Navixy software conclusion

All in all Navixy is a high level platform for large business owners, however for regular user this tracking software might look too advanced. Therefore, if you want to start your tracking business quickly, or provide easy to use services for your customers, test also other white label softwares like: Inepex, Position Logic, Mapon, Gpswox, Global AVL, Key Telematics etc.