Gurtam tracking software review

Gurtam is a full service GPS tracking and hosting company which has been in business for over 13 years. Today, I’ll be reviewing the entire service and the options that go with it. It’s important to do your research when looking for a GPS tracking provider or a hosted solution, and my goal is to provide some insight for those looking to decide which service provider is right for their needs.

Whether you have a large fleet of vehicles that you’d like to track, or you want to start a GPS tracking business by using their white-label SAAS platform, brand it and provide solutions to customers, Gurtam provides the necessary resources to do so. The platform is also customizable to being able to work with the map provider of your choosing.

Gurtam supported GPS trackers

As far as hardware support goes, there are hundreds of different devices available to use on the Gurtam platform. Having such a large range of devices supported allows businesses to track a number of different vehicles and assets the best ways possible instead of being locked into using the same device for everything and losing out on the functionality that different types of devices can provide. This is definitely a plus when tracking mixed fleets, intermodal containers, etc.

When navigating the software, Gurtam seems to be one of the better platforms to navigate and is right up there with Navixy and GPSWOX in terms of usability. The only thing I can really think of to be improved on is perhaps getting rid of some of the clutter on the main screen and moving it to an easy to access sub-menu. Aside from that, it’s easy to set up custom geofencing and alerts for practically anything on your vehicles. Also, it’s very simple to view all of your vehicles/assets on one screen at the same time which satisfies most companies basic tracking needs right off the bat.

Gurtam also offers 24/7 365 customer service which is great to see, especially due to the nature of tracking devices and software and the issues and questions that tend to arise during their use. Other companies such as GpsGate, Mapon ,  also offer this level of customer service which is great to see and I hope the trend continues for other providers on the market as well.

Gurtam company conclusion

In closing, Gurtam is a well established GPS tracking company which meets the needs of small and large businesses alike. There’s tons of hardware options available to ensure you can track everything you need to, and the software is quite straight-forward and easy to use as well. The only downfall is the pricing on the service, which is higher than other similar solutions like Position Logic, GPSWOX, Navixy. Aside from that, Gurtam is a solid platform for managing your fleet vehicles, or offering white-label tracking solutions to your customers.