GPSWOX tracking software review

GPSWOX is a full featured, hosted GPS tracking solution which helps fleet managers keep track of their vehicles, and also allows users to create their own GPS tracking business by using GPSWOX’s white-label solutions. There are also free options for those looking to track a small number of assets, or are looking to try out the system before deploying it.

There are 2 different options with the GPSWOX You can either let them take care of the hosting, or you can self-host. Both can be good options, with the hosted being the easiest one for non-technical users that would like to start a GPS tracking business or monitor their fleet. And the self-hosted option being a good choice for private fleets and enterprise accounts looking for addition security and control.

GPSWOX user interface

One thing that really stands out with the GPSWOX user interface is its usability. Everything plotted out on the screen is clear and concise, completely leaving out any confusion as to what is displayed on the screen. There are also a wide variety of custom reports and alerts to be seen in the online portal. The GPSWOX system also includes extremely easy to use geo-fencing options, and also marked points-of-interest on the map.

GPSWOX software support

Another key point to consider when looking at a GPS tracking provider, either for hosting you white-label solution or for tracking your fleet of vehicles is technical support. GPSWOX offers 24/7 365 customer service to its customers absolutely free of charge. Other providers often skimp on this, and will have limited hours of service with their technical support team. In today technology driven environment, it is extremely important to make sure there is a dedicated team available to help you at all hours, should any issue arise.

The main thing that sets GPSWOX apart from its competitors is one word, pricing. Most other companies will charge a large monthly fee for hosting, even if there are a large amount of devices involved. While GPSWOX does have fees in place based on the number of assets being tracked, it goes based on a range of devices for example 1-100 for a small flat fee vs. paying for each individual device. This can cut costs tremendously for fleet managers tracking a large amount of vehicles, and can also greatly increase profits for those using the GPSWOX platform as a base for their GPS tracking business.

GPSWOX GPS tracking software conclusion

To recap this review, and based on my industry experience, GPSWOX offers the lowest price options available for fleet managers and business owners alike, offers world class 24/7 365 customer support and also maintains an extremely high level of quality throughout its entire platform. The value is apparent especially when tracking a large volume of assets and starting a GPS tracking business from only 99$ per month. Or a one-time flat fee of $2440 users can track an unlimited amount of assets or start their own GPS tracking business. This includes lifetime hosting of your own private labeled or business asset tracking solution.

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