GPSINSIGHT tracking software review

Today, I’ll be reviewing another major telematics provider on the market called GPSINSIGHT. GPSINSIGHT has been around for a little over 10 years, and has roots in the trucking industry. I’ll be going over the pros and cons of the service in this review, and hopefully this gives readers a better idea on what the GPSINSIGHT platform can and can’t do for them.

GPSINSIGHT is a full featured GPS tracking company, based in North America that provides tracking solutions for multiple industries and has a highly customizable software suite which allows businesses great flexibility in how they use it, and what types of data they can collect. GPSINSIGHT has solutions available for tracking even the smallest size fleets, all the way up to fleets of over 1,000 vehicles.

GPSINSIGHT software usability

Something that really stands out with GPSINSIGHT is how easy it is to navigate the software. All basic vehicle information is presented clearly on the main screen and it’s easy to see critical vehicle information. As far as alerting and reporting, these options are also available in sub-menus to be accessed separately. There is also a pro version available for fleets of 26 or more which provides a much more in-depth look into a fleet’s usage. This pro version is more difficult to navigate, and is definitely not as good as something like Navixy or Fleetmatics Reveal, but it still can be of use, especially for large fleets, it just might take some additional time to get used to.

As far as hardware support goes, GPSINSIGHT has a small number of devices that it can support on it’s platform. This normally isn’t an issue for tracking fleets, but if your organization needs to track vehicles and assets at the same time, there may be some compatibility issues which could keep you from tracking your mixed assets to their full potential.

GPSINSIGHT software pricing

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is price. GPSINSIGHT is pretty middle-of-the-road when it comes to price and is fairly standard in the fact that it requires a monthly subscription. This is not uncommon at all in the industry, and they actually offer some competitive pricing. However, there are also some solutions out there which allow you to pay for a set number of assets, or an unlimited number of assets to track for a one-time fee, which can allow you to cut costs even further. Another company called GPSWOX or Position Logic seems to do a pretty good job at this pricing structure and there are several other companies that offer this model as well.

Overall, GPSINSIGHT offers quite a bit of customization support to businesses with unique needs, which really stands out in the telematics industry. The basic platform is easy to use, and even the advanced platform isn’t too terrible if you are willing to put some extra effort into learning how to use it. The pricing is good for the industry, but as stated earlier, for tracking a large fleet it would be worth exploring a pricing structure that bills as a one-time fee and allows for unlimited asset tracking.