GpsGate tracking software review

With variety of providers to choose from when looking to enter the GPS tracking market, it’s important to do your research on each provider to ensure that maximum value is provided with the solution you end up choosing. Today I’ll be reviewing GPS Gate’s hosted software solutions for those interested in tracking a fleet of vehicles, or who want to start a GPS tracking company and would like some guidance.

GPS Gate offers both self-hosted and hosted GPS server options, something which is very common throughout all industry providers. With the hosted solution, a fee is charged monthly per tracked asset. With the self-hosted option, users must purchase one license per tracked asset, this license is perpetual. Both of these options include secure encryption and a full suite of account management tools. Both of these options are great for people looking to start a GPS tracking business that provides a monitoring service to customers so they can manage their assets remotely.

The GPS Gate software is customizable and allows for the changing of map providers as well as branding for those who are starting a new GPS tracking business. There is also a mobile device friendly version of the website for ease of access on the go. The software allows for real-time GPS tracking, which gives business owners and individuals valuable insight into the usage and location of their assets. There is also a built in notification and alerts engine, which allows for custom text message or email alerts based of certain parameters such as vehicle theft, harsh driving, speeding, etc. There is also a full reporting suite for in depth analysis of fleet vehicle and asset activities. Another software add on is vehicle maintenance, this is good to have to ensure that fleet vehicles receive the proper care they need and nothing is forgotten.

GpsGate software interface

When it comes to actually navigating the software interface however, there are some issues. The layout can be a bit overwhelming at times and it can display more information than may be necessary at the time. Usability is a very important thing to consider when purchasing a hosted GPS tracking solution that will eventually be resold to clients. If the software is too difficult to navigate, your customers will constantly be calling you with their frustrations. When compared side-by-side to other user interfaces, one provider that is noticeably easier to use is GPSWOX. On their platform, only relevant information is shown, and if you need more in depth statistics they are easily accessed through a sleek panel of options. Again, this is something to consider if you are looking to pursue a hosted GPS tracking solution.

Another key offering to consider when purchasing a hosted GPS tracking solution is customer support. When maintaining a server of this scale, and servicing many clients for their GPS tracking needs, there is the potential for issues to arise due to the complex nature of the systems architecture. Having the customer support available at all times to correct issues, and ensure your clients satisfaction is paramount. Unfortunately, GPS Gate does not have 24/7 customer support and is only available between the hours of 10 AM and 5PM. When compared to other companies such as Position Logic, Navixy that offer 24/7 365 customer support lines, there is a glaring difference in the response times if an issues should arise. conclusion

In summary, GPS Gate is quite standard when compared to other provider in the industry. However, the lack of full technical support can be a bit troubling considering the potential for issues to arise at all hours of the day. Another point I’d like to mention in closing, is that the pricing is on a per-asset basis. GPS Gate charged almost $10 per asset tracked, with no bulk plans or one-time licensing fees that similar providers like GPSWOX provide. This limits users from scaling there GPS tracking business at an affordable cost. If you only have a small fleet to track or are looking to run a very small tracking business, this may be an option, but for those looking to grow bigger, I’d suggest looking at other options.