Fleetmatics tracking software review

It’s incredibly important to do your research when looking at a GPS fleet tracking provider to ensure that you are getting the highest quality service and functionality for what you pay. Today I’ll be reviewing the Fleetmatics platform, hardware and options available to customers. My hope is that this will provide some insight as to whether Fleetmatics (Verizon Connect) is the best choice for your fleet vehicle tracking needs.

Fleetmatics is a full-service GPS tracking provider that is focused entirely on fleet vehicles, ensuring operational efficiency as well as compliance with current mandates for transportation companies. They offer several levels of service, which I’ll also get into later in this review. Another thing worth nothing, is that Verizon has recently acquired Fleetmatics and added it to it’s growing portfolio of telematics investments. In my opinion, this will only help ensure the reliability and quality of service that Fleetmatics provides by using the Verizon network exclusively.

Fleetmatics software options

When it comes to using the Fleetmatics software there are a couple of different plans you can choose. The first is Fleetmatics Now, this is basically a lite version of their software for those who just need to know the current and historical location information of their vehicles. The second is Fleetmatics Reveal, which offers more advanced features such as custom alerting, geo-fencing, driver ID and more. This allows small businesses to get exactly what they need out of a fleet tracking system without paying for features they don’t need.

Fleetmatics GPS software interface

As far as the actual usability of the software goes, the Fleetmatics Now interface is very easy to use and navigate. The Fleetmatics Reveal platform looks similar, but can be slightly more difficult to use and navigate. It’s definitely easier to navigate than Networkfleet, but Navixy software or Visirun is far easier than Fleetmatics Reveal. For those using the more advanced features in Fleetmatics Reveal, navigation of the software at times can be counterintuitive in certain areas such as alert creation, geofencing and pulling up specific vehicle information but is still a decent option overall for advanced fleet management.

Fleetmatics tracking pricing

When it comes to pricing on the actual units/service, Fleetmatics in one of the more expensive providers on the market, right along with Networkfleet. The service is around $30 per month, per device, however this does include the hardware up front at no cost to the customer. There are definitely more cost effective options on the market though such as GPSWOX which charges one flat rate for a certain amount of tracking units, and even has an option for tracking unlimited units for a low one-time cost. This is definitely something to consider if purchasing a substantial amount of devices and realizing the recurring costs associated with owning a GPS tracking server.

Overall Fleetmatics is a well respected company, which offers a solid fleet tracking platform with a variety of options for business owners to manage their fleets. However this does come at a substantial monthly cost to maintain the service, and there is also a lack of 24/7 customer service. I wouldn’t rule out Fleetmatics completely because of any of this, and if you enjoy the software it may be worth considering, but there are definitely cheaper options available that can provide the same level of service.

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