Fleetilla tracking software review

Fleetilla is based in beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan, the hometown of the Michigan Wolverines! Fleetilla has been in the business for nearly 20 years providing the GPS fleet management software for all types of vehicles. this company is involved in all aspects of connected solutions delivery (hardware design, manufacturing, cloud-based solutions, mapping, sales, service and wireless connectivity).

This company provide services on various sectors such as.

  • Fleets operating in regional, metropolitan, and/or rural areas
  • Logistics, Asset Management and other software providers who need to provide an integrated telematics solution
  • Small, medium and large contract carriers and private fleets
  • Corporate car fleets
  • Government agency fleets
  • Overseas/regional solution providers
  • Cellular carriers who need to provide a telematics/IoT solution
  • Non-profit and educational organizations
  • OEM solution providers

Fleetilla software features

Every one choses one or other type of fleet management solution to find some ease or to achieve certain features/accessibilities or benefits.

Fleetilla dose promise to provide their users/clients with some benefits.

  1. Management
  2. Improve Vehicle and Cargo Security
  3. Control Labor Costs
  4. Lower Maintenance Costs Lower Insurance Costs
  5. Reduce Fuel Costs and Liability
  6. Reduce / Prevent Unauthorized Usage


Fleetilla have some great products which distinguished this company from others

·      Fleet Orb

·      Fleet MOBI

·      Web services API

·      OEM support

Fleet Orb & Fleet MOBI

Fleet orb is a simple, lite & powerful cloud integrated software developed by company. This is the core of the technology developed by this company. This software is what made all of their products shine in the industry.

Fleet Orb is a cloud hosted software which has a support of industry-leading platforms as Amazon AWS and Google Maps. This make the fleet Orb a modern, highly scalable, cloud-based vehicle tracking software it gives the ability to monitor every movement of your fleet 24/7.

Combining all the best available software in the market makes fleet Orb one of the best fleet management software in the market. Fleet Orb give live weather and traffic updates with geo fencing support.


  • Satellite/street imagery
  • Fleet sizes support
  • GPS Tracking
  • Emergency notification
  • Driver’s route
  • electronic logs for DOT reporting
  • communication support with workers
  • accidental prevention

similar to fleet Orb the fleet mobi is the resized version of fleet Orb which gives all the flexibility of fleet Orb on your android device so you can monitor your business on the go. You can track everything from your mobile as well as you can communicate with workers from mobile devices on the go which can is the key part of a fleet management system.

Web services API/ OEM support

According to my perspective that the key part of the fleetilla their web service API.

Unlike other company in the market like telogis, Concox and Bofan and may others big names the only thing that distinguish fleetilla from other is their web API. In this way the company or firm can integrate their services to their management systems to make their system more efficient. Other companies can integrate fleetilla fleet management system in their website or in their app to provide a better support to their employs. This is convenient way for other companies to establish a business with fleetilla. Fleetilla offer other companies to collaborate with them so they can provide a discreet solution to their customers or partners. They provide full oem support they also offer custom firmware & software support to other companies according to their needs.