EVO GPS tracking software review

Today’s review is about EVO GPS, an entirely web-based GPS tracking system by the Romanian company Evotracking. The purpose of this review is to learn about the various features of the application, and understand how the EVO GPS may benefit fleet owners’ businesses. Within six years of its founding in 2009, Evotracking reached the top three Romanian companies regarding market share due to the popularity of it EVO GPS software service.

EVO GPS software features

EVO GPS tracking software provides several different graphic views of your GPS tracking information.

Map views include visual street map access to 2 million Romanian postal numbers and a satellite map view of the same area. With the map views, you can calculate travel distances, find coordinates and addresses, and view the information about your fleet vehicles.

Fleet tracking views show your entire fleet on one map to give you the overall picture of your fleet’s distribution in real time. You can trace the route of any particular vehicles onto the map, calculating for optimizing travel or observing unauthorized use. The system also generates live, accurate timesheets, improving efficiency.

Geo-fencing views allow you to assign points of interest to the map and define area perimeters with entrance and exit restrictions. These particular areas signal alerts and reports when a vehicle approaches them. In each point of interest, the duration of time spent there is measured. Perimeter settings can be complex shapes, defined by you, and you receive alerts if these areas are violated. You will see the vehicles that are within the perimeter.

The EVO GPS application produces over 35 types of modifiable reports, not limited to fleet summary reports, fuel levels and consumption reports, roadmap reports, daily activity reports, and schedule infringement reports. Enhancing the reports are Alerts, generated in real time, and notify you of fuel variations, speed violations, perimeter violations, or any predetermined event that you define.

The management section organizes the paperwork involved in fleet tracking, such as licenses, vehicle documents, repair tickets, insurance policies, and inspections. All relevant information is tracked including expiration dates for which you can receive alerts and reports. Total costs may be calculated and reported for the entire fleet.

 EVO GPS conclusion

One of the most difficult things about fleet tracking management is accurately predicting customer delivery times. Delivery times are often delayed due to inefficient travel routes and unproductive driving behavior. Applying the findings of the analytical tools in the EVO GPS tracking system can make your entire fleet run in a more efficient, productive way.

EVO GPS has the viewing and reporting power necessary to keep tabs on your whole operation. A significant amount of time must be spent with the system to make it pay off, but it can reap big rewards in the long run. Whether you should trust allowing all your crucial tracking information to be stored in the cloud is another issue, but the stability of the Evotracking company appears fine, and it has a longer and more successful history than many cloud-based companies in this field. EVO GPS seems to be a compelling alternative to look at for your business.