Tramigo GPS tracker company review

Tramigo manufactures GPS tracking hardware including the best-selling GPS tracker for vehicles and people. The Finnish company was founded in 2002 and now produces a wide range of products including GPS trackers, control centers for fleet management, and family locators complete with SOS buttons.

The Tramigo range allows almost anything to be tracked, including motorbikes and boats. The range is constantly being updated via new hardware, firmware, and management software, giving users the option of cutting-edge technology to keep track of the location of their prized possessions.

The Tramigo Y5 is a personal locator that looks like a car key and fob, but instead is a GPS tracker that can be followed with the use of a smartphone. Strong in security, Tramigo GPS trackers allow safe and easy tracking to give you the best options for whatever it is that you need to find.

Tramigo GPS trackers

Tramigo also provides OEM/ODM solutions for people and businesses that need alternative products to the off-the-shelf models. When a project comes along that has specific tracking requirements that the standard products do not provide, custom solutions can be created.

This applies to both hardware and software – the Tramigo development cycle for new products also includes software and database updates. For example, many countries have outdated GPS databases for retrieving information on local landmarks and roads. Tramigo update this information regularly, giving the best experience for users.

Whether you are a tracking product reseller or a fleet management service provider, Tramigo will be able to provide the solution you need to enhance your own reputation and keep your project on track. Customer satisfaction is further increased by the inclusion of long warranties and reliable and innovative hardware.

Tramigo is a constantly growing manufacturer, and new additions to their product line come to the market regularly. Heavy investment in the product line for both consumer and corporate customers has enabled Tramigo GPS trackers to significantly influence the market, and the innovations the company provide are often replicated by other manufacturers at a later date. With almost 20 years in the industry, Tramigo products are well-known and reliable.

Free software and online fleet management services that are easy to configure and easy to use ensure that the experience of using Tramigo GPS trackers is simple and frustration-free. Tracking can even be completed in an offline (no internet) environment, making Tramigo GPS trackers the complete solution for your tracking needs.