How to keep your car safe with TrackingFox’s GPS tracker

In these uncertain times, it’s important to know your loved ones and property are safe at all times. However, many tracking solutions can leave users frustrated because they are too difficult to install and use.

But that’s where TrackingFox comes into play. This GPS tracker is the number one tracking solution for your car. TrackingFox is remarkably flexible and easy to use: it can be installed in less than one minute and works with any car in any country.

Getting started with TrackingFox is pretty simple: all you’ll need to do is locate the OBD socket under your car’s steering wheel, plug the TrackingFox GPS tracker in there, and immediately see your car’s location online on your smartphone.

That’s why TrackingFox is a great solution for not only personal cars, but also companies that need to keep an eye of their vehicles and employees. TrackingFox has the following features:

  • Real-time tracking and history that allows you to always know your vehicle’s exact location, as well as view the driving history
  • Anti-theft alerts for whenever the engine starts, there’s suspicious car movement, or in those cases when the device is disconnected
  • Places alerts that notify you whenever the vehicle leaves a marked location, such as your office, home, school, etc.
  • Driving behavior analysis that lets you see if the vehicle has been speeding, the distance the vehicle traveled, its average speed and more.

All of these features come in a pretty compact size: TrackingFox weighs only 33 grams. It has an accuracy range of 10 meters, and can work in most conditions: from a freezing temperature of -20C all the way to an amazing 70C.

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