The Top 6 Car GPS Trackers From Only 39$

GPS trackers in cars allow you to keep track of where your car (or any other vehicle) is, and that can be very important. A vehicle tracker can ease your mind when you wonder where your own vehicle is or can be extremely helpful to a business for car tracking, van tracking, and making sure the vehicles are where they are meant to be.

A car GPS tracker won’t just show you the current location – it can keep detailed driving logs and evaluate the performance of the driver. There are a lot of devices on the market, so this guide is designed to help you choose the right car GPS tracker for you.



The small and lightweight TrackingFOX car GPS tracker is very well priced and provides reliable tracking information. The locating part of the device is powered by built-in highly sensitive GPS and a GSM antenna and is wire-free.

The device is configurable and multiple alarms can be configured including geofence alerts, notification of movement, and even if the ignition is turned on. Configuration is actually very simple and is attached to the vehicle with a standard OBD II connector.

The well-rounded feature set and great price can only be offset by the required operating conditions. The vehicle tracker must be used between -20C and +70C to be reliable. If you’re likely to suffer from extreme weather conditions, this may be a concern.

Otherwise, it’s one of the better GPS trackers in cars around today and comes complete with a 2-year warranty.

Teltonika FM3001 (3G)


While it may be a little more expensive, the Teltonika FM3001 has features in excess of the competition. Highly reliable, it’s a quality tracking device for cars, and even supports 3G.

The build quality is exceptional as unlike other GPS vehicle tracking devices it is made in Europe rather than China. Simple to install, using the ODB II connector allows data to be read from the car and provides extremely accurate tracking.

Ideal for vehicle tracking for insurance telematics, or even for businesses such as courier delivery companies or car rentals. The final trick up the sleeve of this Teltonika device is the built-in Bluetooth 4.0 + LE that allows hands-free usage or the installation of firmware updates.

Coban GPS103


The Coban GPS103 is one of the more popular trackers around possibly due to its low price. It could also be that it is a GPS tracker for car installations that is very easy to configure and offers a great number of options including positioning, monitoring, security, alarms…and of course, real time tracking!

The biggest problem with the device is that it tends to crash after extended usage periods. It’s highly compatible with tracking software, and has separate external GPS and GSM antennas which means you can install it however you want, but with the crashing issue it might not be the best for long term remote tracking.

Further, the signal may be lost if the car GPS tracker is placed deep within the car.

Cheap and cheerful, easy to configure and use, lots of options – but only if you’re willing to restart it every now and then. Firmware fixes can solve the problem, but somehow it occasionally creeps back in.



The TK905 is a small car GPS tracker that has a very durable body, which makes it perfect for hiding – it will stand up to a bit of abuse. Attached to your vehicle by five strong magnets, it is a 2G GSM/GPRS tracker and allows you to keep an eye on your vehicle through gpswox or any other tracking software, SMS, or a mobile app.

Unfortunately, it’s one of the least accurate tracking devices for cars. It gets an accuracy of between 16 and 33ft, but 16ft is not that common. Add this to the less-than-impressive battery life and you might wonder what there is to recommend. The standby time for the battery is around 90 days, and it will run for around 30 hours in tracking mode before it needs a recharge.

It’s great for short journeys, but you might need something with a better battery if the vehicle may be away for more than a day. It is IP65 waterproof, and features a USB port, a SIM card slot, and a hole to attach a lanyard.

Coban GPS306


Like other Coban car GPS trackers, the GPS306 is extremely easy to configure and is very user friendly. It isn’t overly feature-packed, and doesn’t always provide exact tracking coordinates, but it is priced to reflect this.

The device is very easy to install by simply plugging it in to the OBD socket that you’ll find under the steering wheel in most vehicles, be they cars, trucks, or anything else.

Supporting OBD II data allows the GPS306 to read data from the vehicle including from the odometer, RPM, fuel, open doors, and much more. If you want information about the vehicle that is more than just GPS vehicle tracking, the options are certainly there.

The built-in battery charges automatically via its connection to the vehicle, and also has a chargeable and replaceable 200mAh backup battery for that little extra peace of mind.

Tracking accuracy is around 16ft which is certainly not the worst on this list and makes it a contender at a reasonable price for car tracking.

Concox GT06E


The feature packed GT06E car GPS tracker supports 3G and a host of sensors. Multiple tracking modes allow your vehicle to be tracked if it changes direction, or over time intervals, or even by distance.

Real time tracking is always available, and the device can trigger a selection of alarms that can be set up easily. This includes geofencing, vehicle movement or vibration, and even if the external power is removed.

SMS allows this information to be monitored, but if you want to use a mobile app or the web platform instead, you’ll find that it’s an extra cost.

Less accurate than some, it averages around 33ft accuracy – but if the sensors are more important than the specific accuracy, you’ll find that the Concox GT06E is a great tracking device for cars.