Teltonika GPS tracker company review

When looking for a Technology provider to help manage your fleet’s day-to-day operations, it’s important to understand what value they bring to the table in terms of providing a reliable and cost effective solution to help your business profit. Today I’ll be reviewing Teltonika’s IT division and GPS tracking solutions to help readers gain a better understanding of the solutions they provide.

Teltonika is a GPS tracking and communication device manufacturer which has over 18 years of experience in the industry. Their offerings are broad and cover GPS tracking and in vehicle networking solutions that meet almost every need. They also specialize in design services for new and intuitive hardware for customized solution. They have also expanded their manufacturing capabilities to include those of other electronics firms as well. Teltonika was able to achieve this growth by holding to their quality standard and producing reliable products consistently.

Teltonika GPS trackers

Teltonika’s IT division has many different products which cover a wide range of uses in the fleet management and security side of things. They offer 3 different types of IP cameras for both indoor and outdoor use, which are great for yard management and safety and security purposed. Teltonika also offers high performance in-vehicle routers as well. These routers can run off a wide range of wireless spectrums (depending on what’s available in your area) and serve to help fleets stay connected on the go. This helps meet the demands of providers of mobile WiFi amenities and also for service technicians who need a reliable connection on the go. There are also quite a few GPS tracking devices manufactured my Teltonika as well. They range from basic plug-and-play trackers, to full blown fleet trackers with multiple inputs/outputs and support for additional peripherals.

Teltonika also provides OEM/ODM solutions for manufacturing devices and support for designing new hardware as well. With their production capabilities and technical experience, Teltonika looks like it would be a great way to bring a new product to market, and also to help out with current manufacturing demand. Due to their advanced production system and the volume of their manufacturing capabilities currently, Tetonika would be a solid company to partner with.

In summary, Teltonika can provide a number of technology solutions that can help businesses worldwide. From security cameras and GPS trackers, to mobile WiFI routers, Teltonika covers almost every industry need and gives businesses the tools that they need to succeed. Teltonika also has the bulk manufacturing and design capabilities to help companies launch and manufacture new and innovative products. Overall Teltonika seems like a decent choice when looking for a wide range of technologies to benefit businesses.