Skypatrol GPS tracker company review

Florida-based Skypatrol has been developing innovative software tools for location tracking services to combine with its own proprietary GPS tracking hardware to create a comprehensive solution for asset tracking of all kinds. Helping businesses to monitor and protect their assets since 2002, Skypatrol is one of the leaders in the location-based services market.

Skypatrol offers over many different options for multiple industries. From their software solution Fleet Command for monitoring your fleet of vehicles, to tracking consumer vehicle loans or providing dynamic inventory management for vehicle dealers, on to employee tracking for workforce management, Skypatrol will monitor your assets easily and effectively.

Skypatrol GPS trackers

Skypatrol create custom solutions for each sector their GPS trackers cover, and the own-brand software to manage the devices is useful and well designed. Data from vehicles is sent live, allowing managers to track fuel consumption and driving performance whenever they want or need to, and the software incorporates rapid analysis of all key metrics.

Real time fleet monitoring helps decisions to be made on route planning, and for a greater understanding of fuel efficiency and the suitability of individual drivers. Furthermore, should a vehicle be stolen or involved in an accident, you’ll be able to find it and deal with the situation with ease.

Geofencing and time-based monitoring is also available, meaning you can be alerted if a vehicle leaves a prescribed zone, or even if the ignition is started outside of working hours. Smartphone apps allow for simple installation, and vehicle dealers will benefit from the simple ODM installation of many of the devices.

With almost two decades of development and experience, Skypatrol has the ability to provide a turnkey solution that works exactly as it was intended to, and exactly as the customer expects. There are no complicated setup procedures, and the software is custom built to work with the hardware perfectly.

This underlines Skypatrol’s attention to detail, which in turn leads to great customer satisfaction – the products simply do exactly what they are meant to.

Skypatrol exudes professionalism, and its products tend to last well as the build quality is high. As the software GPS tracking system is the everyday interface that users will encounter, it is highly likely that people will find Skypatrol devices easy to use. There is a minimal learning curve, and everything that you could possibly require is just a button push away.