Queclink GPS tracker company review

Queclink is a leading supplier of GPS tracking devices for vehicle, fleet management, and asset tracking. Additionally, Queclink provides products to enhance lone worker safety and remote monitoring facilities.

One of the most technologically advanced GPS tracking companies, Queclink employs engineers with wide experience of mobile technology and wireless telecommunications, and work hard to ensure that their products provide a cohesive and integrated experience. Their solutions incorporate facilities for IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity.

Queclink offers multiple hardware products with uses as diverse as tracking and tracing vehicles, assets, and people (supporting lone field workers and older people in the quest for independent living). Software connectivity to industry standard GPS tracking software is built into every device.

Queclink GPS trackers

Queclink offers small-sized GPS trackers for tracking everything (including pets) with geo-fencing and emergency alerts. This is ideal for lone workers who may need to call for assistance quickly, or for pets and people you may want to know are within a set area.

The vehicle tracking GPS device range is wide and includes options for motorcycles, trailers, cars, trucks, etc. Installation choices include plug and play ODB options making installation very simple. Dedicated fleet tracking devices require a more complex installation process, but both can provide live data transmissions detailing the current location and condition of the vehicle.

This information not only contains basic location tracking but also the way in which the vehicle is being driven along with crash detection and analysis. Remote control of vehicle functions is available, allowing the ignition to be disabled or other actions taken, and vehicle security and emergency management is incorporated.

All these devices are water resistant (personal devices) or waterproof (vehicle devices) making them suitable for use in all weather conditions and geographic locations.

All devices support multiple data bands making them suitable to use in many countries around the world and support a fallback mode to GPRS if no other connectivity is available. Multiple connectivity ports are often available, and some devices include motion detection options to determine if a device has been tampered with.

Warranties are provided and lifetime technical support is available, so you can expect a Queclink product to last a long time. With a great number of useful features, easy installation, and great software compatibility, Queclink GPS trackers are a great choice for individuals, fleet managers, and workforce managers.