Meitrack GPS tracker company review

Meitrack is an experienced GPS tracking system provider and manufacturer which has been in the industry for over 12 years and counting. Meitrack provides software solutions for those looking to start a GPS tracking business, and hardware solutions to meet the needs of it’s customers worldvide.

Meitrack’s software is cloud based and upon using it for several weeks, it seems to be pretty straightforward to use it for managing a fleet of vehicles. While it’s easy to do basic locating and historical referencing on the Meitrack platform, it can be a bit difficult to navigate the menus to pull up more detailed information on vehicle usage and fuel consumption. While not a deal breaking issue, keep in mind that this will take some additional time to master.

Meitrack GPS trackers

As far as hardware support goes, Meitrack manufactures their own devices and has quite a few different options which are suitable for tracking almost anything imaginable. When tracking a mixed fleet of vehicles, assets, containers, etc… it’s extremely valuable to have lots of option for tracking your assets. By using devices that are specifically built for monitoring a certain type of asset, it allows you to collect much more actionable data about it’s usage than trying to use one device type to track and manage everything.

When looking at customer service, Meitrack does not offer 24 hour customer service like other industry leaders (GPSWOX, Gurtam, Etc.) This is not a deal breaker entirely, but just be aware that if you experience any issues, whether it be software or hardware related, it could take some additional time to get this straightened out and resolve the issue. When managing a large fleet and having the constant need to check on vehicles  and assets at any given hour, the need for 24/7 customer service becomes even more critical.

To summarize this review, Meitrack can be a good base to use for starting a GPS tracking company, or managing a small fleet, (especially a mixed-fleet) However, there are some downfalls such as customer service not always being available and the additional time it takes to learn how to use the software. This may not be the best fleet tracking solution, but could be a good option for starting your own GPS tracking business and providing customers with tracking services, and perhaps adding 24/7 customer service on your own end to heighten the customer service experience.