Top 3 car GPS trackers from only 44$

GPSWOX introduces top 3 vehicle GPS trackers

GPSWOX company introducing top GPS tracking devices for car: OBDII tracker, vehicle tracker and magnetic tracker. GPSWOX trackers have passed different quality controls, therefore they are reliable, and all comes with 5 years’ warranty. These vehicle GPS trackers are perfect for personal use and business.




gpswox-obd-tracker-1OBDII GPS tracker is a small and light-weight tracking device, which costs only 49$. It operates on a small 9-36 volts battery and can function on multiple GSM frequencies via SIM card (with data/internet plan) inserted into the tracker. It uses a Class 12, TCP/IP GPRS signal that allows it to send continuous signals from anywhere in the world.

There is no setup or installation required. The tracker must be plugged into OBDII port underneath the staring wheel.  You can start real-time tracking less than in 5min. The tracker offers a positional accuracy of up to 10 meters within the actual location. This tracker is compatible with all types of vehicles.

When OBDII tracker is connected to GPSWOX online tracking server, you can set up alerts and notifications. These alerts include those for speeding, any stops made during the journey, maintenance reminders and fuel consumption. The tracker not only shows fuel consumption but also helps save fuel by eliminating wasteful driving (the same features can be also applied to other two GPSWOX trackers).


GPSWOX Vehicle GPS Tracker 


gpswox-vehicle-trackerVehicle tracker is a light-weight (41.6 g) and a small size (80 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm) tracking device, which can be installed in the different parts in your car . GPS tracker’s price is only 44$.  It operates on a MT 3336 GPS chipset for a wide band of GSM frequencies. The device is durable and can withstand extreme temperatures from -20 degrees up to 85 degrees Celsius. It can also work under 5 to 95% humidity.

One more great feature is, that GPSWOX vehicle tracker can be also used for tracking motorcycle as well. It can be installed inside a motorbike with as much ease as with the car.

The GPSWOX tracker has its own internal memory which can store information including the GPS location and other records. This data is saved onto the device temporarily until it is connected to a computer or device. This feature comes in handy when the GPS signal is not available in areas with limited or no connectivity.


 GPSWOX Magnetic GPS Tracker 


magnertic-gps-trackerThe Magnetic GPS Tracker costs 109$. It has 4 strong magnets built into the tracker. It can easily be mounted onto any type of vehicle or even placed inside the car. Heavier and larger than the other two, the Magnetic GPS tracker has a much larger 1000 mAh battery.

The device can work on standby for up to 3 years on one full charge. It requires a 5 VDC supply and can also operate in the normal mode or power-saving mode. It can send one GPS location every day and if you require continuous real time tracking then the tracker can work for up to 30 days without the need to recharge.

The information sent from the device is transmitted after 10-second intervals. It has an IP-67 protection factor which means that it can withstand extreme environmental conditions and humidity up to a factor of 67. The Magnetic GPS tracker is also water-proof up to a certain extent and can operate in rainy weather or hurricanes.


Why choose GPSWOX trackers with online tracking software and apps


Real Time Tracking

One of the most important benefits of the GPS tracker is that it offers real time tracking of the car, on your PC or mobile app. Choose any type of map according to your preference i.e. the Google, OSM or Satellite maps. You also check additional information such as: travelling speed, fuel consumption and exact address etc.

Push Notifications

The GPS tracker sends instant alerts and notifications in the event of speeding, stopovers, theft, entering or exiting a geo-zone and other emergency alarms. The notifications can be sent via email or pop-up windows through the GPSWOX account.

Complete History and Reports

You can preview the complete history for the journey and download reports in TXT, PDF, XLS and CSV formats. The report includes travelling time, distance, fuel consumption, stopovers and other indicators by date of the journey.

Fuel Savings

The GPS trackers allow users to make efficient use of fuel by adopting driving practices that are not wasteful. It prevents unnecessary idling of the vehicle, speeding, rapidly accelerating and braking. These practices affect the fuel consumption and can help cut down fuel costs. With the help of a GPS tracker you can cut down fuel expenses by up to 15%. This is also a great preventive measure against fraud and theft.


With this feature, you can setup geographical boundaries around areas of specific interest. The account will send notifications each time the area is entered or exited by the vehicle.

Points of Interest

You can add several points of interest with the software by placing markers on the map. These indicate locations of importance such as hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and gas stations. A name and description on the place can also be added and it has tools to help calculate the distance and travelling time between the places.  And many more.


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