Galileosky GPS tracker company review

Galileosky is a GPS tracking manufacturer of hardware that is designed to provide remote fleet monitoring services. Based in Russia, the company produces trackers that are compatible with both GPS and GLONASS (the GLObal NAvigation Satellite System, the Russian equivalent of GPS) giving great tracking accuracy all over the world. The company produces reliable and long-lasting hardware that is backed by their own warranty and qualified technical support.

Galileosky offers several different hardware options, including devices that work over 3G or Wi-Fi. Each device is designed with a particular type of vehicle and situation in mind and they are often simple to install and configure. Their plug-and-play car GPS trackers take moments to install, and can be used to report vehicle data other than just the location.

Each device can link with standard GPS tracking software including Navixy, Wialon, GPSWOX, Trakzee, and others.

Galileosky GPS trackers

Galileosky provide OEM/ODM products solutions for partners and specialize in fleet management. With products like the OBD-II, set up is simply a matter of plugging the device in. Battery-backed, it self-charges from the connection to the vehicle and reports extensive diagnostic data no matter where the vehicle is.

With research and development being a driving force, Galileosky can build solutions to the most complex tracking and fleet management problems. The hardware itself is well designed, robust, and long lasting, giving the best of both worlds – simple installation and minimal maintenance.

The long-life cycle of Galileosky products is enhanced by updated firmware that is regularly available. The GPS data is stored on the device itself and can be uploaded whenever there is a connection available, be it cellular data (with slots for 2 NanoSIMs in many devices) or Wi-Fi (depending on the model), and each device can have multiple connectivity ports including RS-232 and USB. The configuration software is available for both PC and Android devices and allows tracking units to be remotely configured.

A strong brand in Russia, Galileosky products do not receive much coverage from the Western media. However, their well-deserved reputation continues to grow in Russia and beyond. With a strong focus on quality, the Galileosky GPS trackers are reliable and feature packed. If they were to develop their own tracking software and not focus on third-party software vendors, they might be able to provide a complete solution that outclasses – and outlasts – almost every other GPS tracker on the market.