Dangers of Buying Low-Quality GPS Trackers

Buying a GPS tracker is often seen as a no-brainer: for businesses it helps companies manage their fleets, ensuring their goods are delivered on time and without any theft or loss. For personal use, people can help keep track of their loved ones and prized possessions, like cars and expensive equipment.

At least – that’s the best case scenario. However, when people buy low-quality GPS trackers, usually because of their low prices, they may end up getting the worst case scenarios:

GPS trackers that just don’t work the way they’re supposed to.

Let’s look at how low-quality GPS trackers will most likely fail you, whether you buy them for your business or personal use. Firstly, let’s look at the business side.

How low-quality GPS trackers can hurt your business

One of the biggest reasons that businesses will get GPS trackers is to help them with their fleet management. Top-quality GPS trackers will make it easy for companies to keep track of where their fleets or equipment are, and will help to avoid theft or loss.

But low-quality GPS trackers can hurt your business by not being able to do any of that effectively, at all. Let’s see how they can fail your company.


Proper fleet management will require constant or at-will location updates for their fleets, usually trucks carrying their customers’ products. In order to do that, they’ll need GPS trackers that have a good accuracy range, easy connectivity, and reliable data consistently communicated to their main server or HQ.

Unfortunately, that’s not what they’re going to get with low-quality GPS trackers. These devices may be very difficult or buggy to connect to the trucks or cars being tracked, meaning they might disconnect from the vehicle or stop working when you need it the most.

And, without accurate, reliable, and consistent data, your company might not be able to respond quickly to events happening in real time.


If your business depends on keeping track of valuable or expensive equipment, you might be depending on GPS trackers to help you locate your equipment at any time. Of course, this also means that you’ll have to have an accurate idea of its location.

If that’s the case, then low-quality GPS trackers will definitely fail you. While good trackers can give you an accuracy range of even 16 feet, low-quality GPS trackers might only be able to give you a range of 40-50 feet. When you’re trying to locate a lost or stolen piece of equipment, every foot matters, and with such a wide range, you’ll have a hard time accurately locating your possessions.

When it comes to GPS trackers for businesses, it’s a much better for you to buy high-quality GPS trackers that will keep your fleet and equipment safe.

Why low-quality GPS trackers are bad for your personal use

Low-quality GPS trackers won’t just fail businesses. In fact, consumers might be more motivated to buy lower-priced GPS trackers, but that can lead to some seriously bad consequences.

Personal tracking

One of the best uses for GPS trackers for consumers is their ability to keep track of sensitive loved ones, like children or the elderly. In fact, a personal GPS tracker is the reason why one Texas mom was able to quickly find her disabled daughter after she’d been kidnapped. She was able to use the microphone and geolocation alerts from the GPS tracker that she’d given her daughter to quickly locate her.

But if she’d used a low-quality GPS tracker, the story might not have ended so well. That’s because these cheap trackers don’t have essential features – like geolocation alerts, which can send an SMS or text message if the loved one enters or leaves a specified zone. She wouldn’t have gotten the alert with a cheap tracker, and she probalby wouldn’t have been able to use the microphone feature to listen to what’s happening with her daughter.

Because cheap, low-quality trackers don’t come with these crucial features, you’re standing to lose a lot more than you gain by buying them.

Cars, trucks and bikes

Having your car, truck, or even bike stolen can be a huge financial hit for any family. That’s because it will mean messing up your transportation plans for weeks, months or even years as you try to replace what’s lost and go through the complicated police and insurance procedures.

That’s why it’s important that you don’t buy low-quality GPS trackers to keep tabs on your car, truck or bike. Low-quality GPS trackers won’t give you the accuracy range that we discussed before, meaning you won’t be able to accurately track your vehicle.

These trackers are also not easy to install, plus, more importantly, they don’t have a great battery life. Instead of lasting for days or even weeks, some of these low-quality vehicle GPS trackers will last only a day or two. That means that you’ll have to constantly remove them, charge them, and then put them back.

This is a big hassle, and presents a huge possibility that you’ll forget to charge it. And when it doesn’t work, it won’t be able to track your vehicle, which will be the same as having no GPS tracker at all.

For these reasons, we definitely don’t recommend you buy any low-quality GPS tracker. You think you’ll be saving a few dollars by buying it, but in reality you’ll end up paying a much bigger price.

Bottom line

GPS trackers can bring a lot of amazing benefits to your business or personal life. Well, to be more accurate, high-quality GPS trackers can bring these amazing benefits.

If you opt for the low-quality GPS trackers, you’ll find that they might disappoint you in small or big ways. Their lack of critical features, their poor accuracy range, difficult setup, short battery life and many other reasons can all work together to provide a very poor experience for your personal life or business needs.

For that reason, we believe low-quality GPS trackers are just useless – pure and simple!