Coban GPS tracker company review

Coban (AKA Shenzen Electronics CO) Is a GPS tracking device and software solutions provider which has been in the industry for over 15 years and counting. Coban offers a number of hardware solutions, all of which seem to be fairly popular amongst the budget GPS tracker crowd. Coban also has their own software solution which works with all of the devices that they sell.

Coban GPS trackers

Coban offers 12 different hardware devices, suitable for a wide array of tracking needs. They have plug-and-play and hardwired options available to ensure that the trackers can be used on almost any type of vehicle. Coban also offers an asset tracker of sorts, which contains a magnet inside of a sealed enclosure. However, this is not the best asset tracker on the market that I’ve seen and it does not allow for more permanent mounting options such as the kind that use a plate and screws to affix the device to an asset. This leaves customers with a mixed fleet of assets such as semi trailers, shipping containers and fleet vehicles at a disadvantage for tracking their entire portfolio under one platform.

Coban GPS tracking software

As far as the software goes, Coban’s platform is entirely web-based and does not require the installation of any additional software. There are also mobile applications available that will work on most modern smartphones. When it comes to actually using the software, it feel void of functionality and almost like it was created hastily in an effort to help sell more products. The menus are hard to navigate and can be confusing to pull up relevant data. Also, the reports it generated are weak, considering what is available from other providers on the marketplace. While the software still is functional for tracking basic locations of your units, those looking to manage a large fleet of vehicles consistently are better off looking at companies like Networkfleet and Gpswox for software that can scale to large fleets, yet still be highly useable.

Is closing, Coban tracking system does provide some of the industry’s most inexpensive hardware solutions to businesses and individuals. But the software does have a crippling effect on how far you can actually go with the management of a large fleet of vehicles. On the plus side, the app is quite easy to use and could definitely be beneficial for individuals looking to track a personal vehicle or another type of asset. Also, the hardware options seem to cover almost everything perfectly except for trailers and shipping containers.