Bofan GPS tracker company review

Bofan is both a GPS tracking manufacturer and software provider. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, Bofan offers a level of quality to it’s customers that come with years of experience and dedication. Bofan employs over 500 skilled workers, and has tremendous production capabilities of it’s units to meet the demands of today’s current markets.

At it’s core, Bofan is a GPS tracking device manufacturer that focuses on quality products. They offer a 12 month all inclusive warranty on all the products that they manufacturer. They are also held to the strict ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14000 and ISO/TS 16949 guidelines to ensure the quality of their products. It’s important to choose a GPS tracking device manufacturer that holds themselves to the highest quality standards, due to the fact that GPS tracking devices are often relied on at all hours to provide critical and actionable data.

Bofan GPS trackers

Bofan offers 8 different hardware units for personal and car tracking. This is definitely not a huge number when compared to other manufacturers in the industry, but it still is diverse enough to manage the tracking of most assets at least. Bofan’s vehicle tracking options are quite extensive when it comes to features and offer remote engine disabling, fuel sensing and one model even has built in support for monitoring up to 4 cameras. As far as personal tracking goes, Bofan offers 2 different models. One which does basic GPS tracking and has an SOS button and another that does all of that plus has support for 2 way voice. These personal tracking devices can be very helpful for monitoring young children, the elderly and those with disabilities who are prone to wandering. With these portable tracking solutions, caregivers are able to locate and communicate with the people who they are responsible for.

In closing, Bofan is a full service GPS tracking company that has a large amount of options to meet it’s users needs. From personal tracking, to fleet vehicle tracking, Bofan definitely has it covered. As far as asset tracking goes however, there seems to be nothing at the moment that Bofan offers for this industry. It would be nice to see them manufacture a device for this in the future, as the need for more mobile assets is ever increasing in today’s industry, and business owners are always looking for ways to effectively manage and monitor assets remotely. With that being said, Bofan would be a decent choice for someone looking to track their fleet or loved one with a straightforward device and platform. However in terms of asset or mixed fleet tracking, Bofan is definitely not the right choice for that specific set of needs.