ATrack GPS tracker company review

Atrack is a GPS tracking Hardware manufacturer that provides a number of solutions for businesses and consumers. Founded on the principles of hardware stability and robust offerings, Atrack continues to be a leader in the telematics hardware manufacturing sector.

Atrack offers over 14 different pieces of hardware which are suitable for tracking nearly any type of asset on the face of the earth. It’s important to choose a manufacturer with multiple hardware options, due to the fact that to accurately track various types of assets, you must choose a device that best monitors the asset and captures actionable data from it. From plug-and-play car GPS tracker for easy installation and basic tracking, to full fledged fleet tracking devices with a variety of sensors and outputs, Atrack covers every need imaginable in it’s sector.

ATrack GPS trackers

Atrack also offers OEM/ODM solutions for those looking for a customized solution to meet the needs of new projects and their requirements. With over a decade of experience, Atrack has the expertise available to take an idea and turn it into a working solution, all with a shorter development cycle than most others in the industry. With the combined expertise that Atrack brings to the table, they are able to offer some of the most reliable hardware in the industry which can improve device life-cycles and increase customer satisfaction.

Atrack has been extremely active in the marketplace lately and has recently gained some significant exposure regarding it’s products. One of the main things that stands out with Atrack is their commitment to quality in every aspect. With a passion for quality, speed and efficiency in creating customized OEM/ODM solutions, and their recent media coverage, Atrack is on the verge of even greater things in the future. One thing which would be nice to see, is a software solution by them which is based on the same values of quality and reliability. There are too many software providers that seem to fall short of this in that arena. While there are some great providers out there right now without many reliability issues (GPSWOX, Meitrack) it would be interesting to see Atrack pair their own software solution with their hardware and make something almost completely bulletproof.