Which software got the highest score: Navixy, GPSWOX or Fleetmatics?


In the second post, we took comparison statistics from FinancesOnline.com of another 3 popular GPS tracking software. In particular: Navixy, GPSWOX and Fleetmatics for their overall performance. FinancesOnline.com use unique SmartScore™ system to evaluate all the GPS tracking software listed to help you get the best one. It includes the mix of following elements:

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Navixy GPS tracking software review As the market for custom GPS tracking solutions grows, businesses and individuals alike are searching for platforms which allow for the tracking of multiple objects simultaneously. Luckily, there are a number of providers on the market today to help users track their vehicles and assets in real-time. Today I will be reviewing the Navixy platform. Navixy software features At it’s core, Navixy provides it’s users the ability to track their…

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TK-Star GPS tracker company review TK-Star is a brand name of XETrace Technology Co. The company designs, develops, and manufactures a great range of GPS tracking hardware for tracking vehicles, people, and even pets. Fully compliant with multiple international quality standards, TK-Star provides hi-tech solutions at very competitive prices. TK-Star offers many different pieces and styles of hardware which enable users to track almost anything. For a comprehensive tracking solution, whatever your needs are, the…

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Gosafe GPS tracker company review Gosafe is a company that was incorporated in 1999 to develop hardware and software GPS tracking solutions and continues to lead the field in both GPS fleet management products as well as personal trackers. Working in partnership with mobile hardware manufacturers, software development companies, mapping companies, and distributors, Gosafe is strongly positioned to provide integrated solutions that work well. Gosafe offers many different pieces of hardware for fleet tracking and…

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Galileosky GPS tracker company review Galileosky is a GPS tracking manufacturer of hardware that is designed to provide remote fleet monitoring services. Based in Russia, the company produces trackers that are compatible with both GPS and GLONASS (the GLObal NAvigation Satellite System, the Russian equivalent of GPS) giving great tracking accuracy all over the world. The company produces reliable and long-lasting hardware that is backed by their own warranty and qualified technical support. Galileosky offers…

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GPS Tracking and Logistics Business


Today, with all the advantages and facilities that GPS tracking offers it has become a very essential part of any logistic and gps tracking business. There are a lot of reasons, some of the key reasons are: The trailer-to-tractor ratio can be greatly enhanced increasing the productivity and efficiency at the same time. Each business strives to improve their productivity and tracking helps it. With the help of GPS, the cargo can always be tracked…

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Boat GPS Tracking


GPS has evolved the way, the world functions. At over 20,000 kilometers above sea level, is a constellation of satellites. These satellites are constantly beaming data down to us on earth, which in turn is received by devices such as phone or navigational units in your vehicles. They further allow you to see where you are on the planet. GPS tracking systems are one of the latest cutting-edge solutions to help keep track of where…

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Fleet management and IoT


Information technology has taken our worlds by storm! Day in and day out we get to see many newer technologies and applications that are focused on making our lives, more efficient and quick by minimizing the wastage of resources and time. This efficiency and effectiveness have enhanced our productivity and potential by quite a margin. One very prominent aspect that has been requiring our attention for quite some time is, Fleet management. Defined Fleet management,…

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Which software got the highest score: NexTraq, Wialon or Teletrac Navman


The independent FinancesOnline.com site did the most popular GPS tracking software’s comparison. Particularly in this post, you will see NexTraq, Wialon, Teletrack Navman Director comparison. All these fleet management software deservers the highest ratings for their UI design, powerful features, functionality etc. However, the question is, which GPS tracking software among these, got the highest score?  

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Top 10 GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Softwares (updated 2020)


Top GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Softwares There are seemingly countless companies utilizing or considering fleet and asset tracking for their fleet companies, while others are looking to investigate GPS Fleet tracking softwares in order to start their own GPS companies.  Whatever the motivation, we have created a list of the top ten GPS fleet tracking softwares for professionals like yourself.  When looking further into the diverse softwares available, we find several GPS fleet tracking…

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